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From: Brad Waddell

This is a catch-up issue – all concert reviews!


From: “Erica Davies”

Portland concert review

Tonight was a night that Vickie and I will never forget. It all started at
7:30, when Natural came out to perform. They did a great job. They sang 5
songs. It took the roadies about 1/2 hour to set up for Davy, Peter, and
Micky. At 8:30 the band played short version of the overture. Then out
came the guys, while the band played the theme song. They were not able to
do Monkee walk because there wasn’t enough room on stage for them to do it.
As you well know, the guys did a superb performance. During the encore,
everyone gathered around the stage to dance. We left roses on the stage
for the guys. We stood right in front of the stage. During “Steppin’
Peter kept looking at me. My theory is that he recognized me from the Shoe
Suede Blues concert I went to in April. After the concert, the guys
touched hands (you guys know what I mean). We were able to touch all three
of them!!!! They left the stage doing the Monkee walk. Peter came back on
stage, and Davy and Micky chased him around the stage for a while. A guy
that was in the row in front of us was in Oliver with Davy. His name was
Lee (we forget the last name).
We had wanted to get backstage, but security wouldn’t let us
backstage. So, we waited for them near the tour bus. We saw Micky leave
in a truck with a staff person. Peter came out, but would only shake
hands. I was able to shake hands with him. After a while, Davy came out
and went on the bus. We started to yell, “Davy, Davy, Davy!” He came out
of the bus and gave out autographs. Vickie was able to get her picture
signed, that she didn’t get signed in MS. She also got a birthday
kiss. We then were able to have our picture taken with him. A lady saw
that I was holding a towel. She asked me if I had caught the towel that
Micky had thrown into the audience. I said no. I had been in the Jacuzzi
with Davy back in March in Lowell, and one of my friends stole the towel
for me. I gave it to Davy and he signed it for me. I then asked for a
kiss. Instead, he let me kiss him on the cheek. What a wonderful
man. Before we left, he said to me, “See you in the Jacuzzi!”

Erica Davies and Vickie Berryhill


From: Debbie Sutter

I saw them last night at the PNC Bank Arts Center in NJ. They were totaly
awesome!! The band was excellent, and the boys put on a brilliant and
marvelous show!!

It’s probably too much to ask for, but I would wish that they would never
have to stop touring. They are true entertainers, and they are true to
their fans — they really bring their fans into the fun. I had a wonderful

My feedback is: The Monkees are awesome!


Debbie Sutter

Somerset, NJ

Don’t ask me if I think it’s true that communication can bring hope to
those who have gone their separate ways.
“Messages”, by OMD


From: MtyDuk8

7/12/01 Show – Holmdel, NJ

I went to the NJ show last night, and man, the boys can still rock a house.
The place was sold out! The boys played many of their hits, the best in my
opinion being Micky ” Goin’ Down ” one more time and the trio playing ” No
Time “.

The boys are without a doubt still The Monkees, and if they are this good as
a trio, I can only imagine what it’d be like if Papa Nez ever comes back out
an a FULL US tour with them. Which reminds me there were a lot of comments
made about Nez. Including when Davy came out first, counted off the 3 of
them, and asked the crowd ” Hey, I’m sorry, but I know I’m getting old, but
didn’t there use to be 4 of us? ” and then after Micky’s ” Randy Scouse Git “,
he asked the guys what ever happened to the guy who’s Mom invented Liquid
Paper, what was his name, oh yeah Mike….MIKE!…He’s Gone!

The terrific trio made a huge impact last night, and I hope they’ll return to
NJ sometime in the near future.


From: Doris

Monkees in NJ, 7/12/01

I just came back from the PNC Bank Arts Center show, and it was
fabulous, as usual!

On the way into the concert, Sharpie markers had a booth with three
large sheets of white plastic and asked fans to write messages to the
Monkees. The women who were staffing the booth said that the sheets
would be delivered to the Monkees afterwards, and that two of the
Monkees had already signed it! I asked which two, and they said that
they didn’t know! They pointed to two illegible signatures, niether of
which were Micky’s, Davy’s or Peter’s signatures. One fan finally
recognized that one of the signatures was Sandy Genarro, the drummer.

Natural seemed much more relaxed and polished than they had been in
March. The audience went nuts when one of them imitated Davy’s accent.

Luckily, our seats were right behind a sunken pit where the audio and
light control consoles were, so we had a great view. I saw set lists on
the consoles, so before the Monkees came on, I asked the lighting guy if
I could have the set list at the end. He said yes!

Here is the set list (as written on the list):
Lookout Here Comes
Pete’s Sake
Girl I Knew
Randy Scouse
Mary Mary
Goin’ Down
Can You Dig It
Higher and Higher
Little Bit Me
Back Invention
No Time
Long Title
She Hangs Out
Since I Fell
Is You Is
That Was Then
Daydream Believer
I’m a Believer
Steppin’ Stone

Free/Forever was a medley of I Wanna be Free and I’ll Love You Forever
Porpoise/Band was a medley of the Porpoise Song and Listen to the Band.
PVS was Pleasant Valley Sunday. The bottom of the set list says “6/29”
so it’s probably the same exact set list as the June 29 show.

There were a few cute little bits that they didn’t do at the 9:30 Club
show in March. Micky and Davy were talking about how there were strange
“long blonde dog hairs” in the sink backstage and demanded to know who
performed the night before – it was Rod Stewart! A beautiful young
woman brought out Peter’s red coat, and after she helped him put the
coat on and smoothed the lapels, he grabbed her for a long kiss. Davy
said, “Imagine what he would do if she *weren’t* a stranger!” At one
point, Micky pretends that he’s going to throw his sweaty towel into the
audience, but throws it backwards onto the stage at the last moment and
says, “I’m selling that on eBay!” Later, he really did throw a sweaty
towel into the audience. During “Girl,” Davy received so many bouquets,
he pretended to fall over from the weight of the flowers and did a
*perfect* somersault and kept singing right through it! At the end of
the concert, Micky yelled out “Thank you Honolulu!” Peter whispered to
him, and then Micky yelled, “New Jersey!” As they were leaving the
stage at the end of the encore, Peter acted like he didn’t want to leave
the stage, and Davy and Micky chased him around the stage until he ran

Their energy was absolutely through the roof! I thought they were
amazing at the 9:30 Club, but on the larger stage at the Arts Center,
they really *moved*! They danced all over that stage!

The only disappointment was when the security guards made everyone
without backstage passes leave at the end and would not let us wait to
try to get an autograph. Several people asked how they could get
backstage passes, and the security guards bizarrely said that you had to
be a member of the fan club. I guess that’s just their generic answer
for how to get backstage passes.


Help save the NJ black bears!


From: Susan Andriano

7/12 NJ Show

I went to the concert at the PNC Arts Center in NJ last night with some
friends (ladies night out), and what a good time we had. The fun
started in the parking lot when we started making fun of the ticket
scalpers and the guys hawking contraband shirts. The prices of the
“real” souvenirs went up from the spring tour, by the way. The Arts
Center is open on all sides, and has lawn seats, so the place has a
summery, relaxed kind of feel. And the weather was cool and beautiful.
The crowd was definitely in a party mood, probably due to the tailgate
beverages we observed in the parking lot. The Monkees, of course were
awesome. And funny. Peter kicked a beach ball that landed on the stage
back into the crowd. The show contained slightly different material
from the spring show, mostly livelier tunes. When they came out for the
encore, it was really extended by quite a few songs. And when the three
of them kept running around the stage at the end, we were laughing
hysterically. Natural opened with a very good show. Those kids really
did improve since I saw them last. They seemed to gain quite a few
fans, too. All in all it was wonderful. Just a little sideline– be
considerate to those who are seated around you. It’s all well and good
if everyone stands up at the beginning and end, but please don’t stand
up everytime they start a song. Some of us want to relax and enjoy the
show. Thanks.


From: mary-jean

Monkees @ Holmdel New Jersey!!

Well, I finally had the chance to see the Monkees last night (July 12th) at
the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel and it was excellent!! I took my 11
year old daughter and we were in the third row center right. And that was
great since I am a big Micky Dolenz fan he was on the side I was on. They
sang all the great songs and some of their own special things they chose to
do. My daughter was so impressed with the show and how great they looked!!
She really thought Peter looked great even though her favorite is Davy. I
also got some great pictures being so close to the front, haven’t had them
developed yet but I am counting on at least one or two of the close ups to
be exactly what I wanted. I am willing to share them with anyone who is
interested in seeing them. I should have them scanned in to my computer in
a week or two. The only disappointment, which had nothing to do with the
Monkees, is being teased by seeing the big wigs who have back stage passes
waiting to get personal autographs and photos with the guys after the show.
It really stinks not to have a special pass as they called it to get back
there. My daughter and I would have loved to gone back for just one pick
and an autograph but event staff kicks you out and doesn’t offer info on how
to get back stage at all. Can anyone tell me how to become one of the
special few? OK to top off a great night and show, my daughter did get up
front at the end and touched Peter’s hand and just missed shaking hands with
Micky. That really made her night and mine too! I wouldn’t trade last
night for the world! I would relive it all again if I could and do it a
thousand times over. Great show guys!! Micky, Davy and Peter keep up the
good work. We love you and always will. Please come back again! I know
you are going to Atlantic City this month too, maybe I will see you down
Mary-Jean Valenzano

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