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From: “Maggie McManus”

An Electronic Postcard from Monkee Business Fanzine
Subject: Monkees VCR Alerts & more
Date: April 3, 2002

Micky and Davy’s weekend of concerts in New York means
they’ll also have a number of TV interviews and media
appearances coming up. Here are some VCR alerts and
radio alerts for you—as always, details are subject to

Thursday, April 4, WNBC-channel 4, “Today In New York”,
Micky and Davy appearing during the 6-7 am hour
Thursday, April 4, WNYW-channel 5, “Good Day New York”,
in the 8:30-9:00 segment
Davy is also expected to tape a radio interview with
WCBS-FM, which will air sometime during the
day on Thursday. He will tape a TV interview
with Cousin Brucie, which will air during the
annual Variety Club Telethon, airing April 14
on the PAX TV network.

Friday, April 5, Micky and Davy appear on WPIX-channel
11 on the WB11’s “Morning News” with Linda Lopez,
approximately 7:50 am

On Saturday, April 6, look for a “Music on the Road” segment
on the guys airing three times during the day
on CNN’s Headline News and on CNN’s web page.
The segment will be taped Friday afternoon.

On Monday, April 8, syndicated entertainment news
show “Extra” will run footage taped Friday during
Micky and Davy’s soundcheck

Also during the day on Friday, CBS’s “48 Hours” will be on
hand to add more footage to the story they
are doing on Davy, which they began filming
during the guys’ January shows and continued
with a visit to Davy and his horses in Florida in
February. “48 Hours” will air in May.

MBF reader Katherine Carpenter wants to send a VCR
Alert to Davy Jones fans—-Davy makes two
very small appearances in the documentary “IT Girls”, airing
on WE, Women’s Entertainment Network, on Sunday, April 7.
Davy, interviewed briefly at a Louis Vuitton party, was asked
who he feels is an “IT” girl—he turned the question around
to himself and answered that HE was an “IT” girl and
proceeded to put cucumber slices over his eyes! (Check
local listings for time.)

For all the latest on Micky and Davy’s upcoming tourdates,
check the official tour website,



From: Brad Waddell

Peter Tork and Shoe Suede Blues:

Sun 09/01/02 Greenbelt, MD To Be Announced
Sat 09/07/02 Yorktown Heights, NY Yorktown Grange Fair


From: Melhi

Tadg Galleran of Shoe Suede Blues asked me to pass this along to everyone:

Peter Tork’s Blues/Rock Band “Shoe Suede Blues”
Has a new CD out entitled “Saved by the Blues”

This red hot CD is available at”

We would appreciate you passing this announcement on to all members of the
monkee mailing lists

Tadg Galleran
Shoe Suede Blues

The Monkees Mailing List and Resource Site
Featuring the Official Monkees FAQs!


From: “Rosemary Grimbly”

To see the photos, go to

(ed: the site also features Monkees ring tones for your cell phone)

Pity they got some names wrong though!


Hey Hey it’s The Monkees…

Dublin’s Vicar Street venue was the host to legendary group The Monkees, on
Saturday night.

Despite the fact that only two of the original members are performing,
Mickey Dolenz and Davey Jones (Michael Nesbitt and Peter Tork being the
other two), it was still a sell out show.

The original manufactured boyband, with hits such a Daydream Believer and I
m a Believer, it was 37 years since they have played together.

Despite having a hugely popular TV show and many hits, the group only laste=
for little over 2 years.

Speaking to Irish media recently, Micky said: “We all went our separate way=
after two years, but the songs have continued to be big even to this day”.

“We got lucky by landing the TV show and having those hit songs. But
eventually we wanted to do our own things and jump off the train. I was
happy enough to try out new things because I had other strings to my bow.
But soon enough I realized that no matter what we did for the rest of our
lives the Monkees would never really end. So I guess because of that we hav=
ended up in the situation we are in now – we can still tour and be a band
together and the fans are still there”.

Among the crowd were Billy Bob Thornton and Elvis Costello – who obviously
decided to jam together the following night at Billy Bob’s gig in the same




Hello I received an email on the Large 1:18 scale Monkeemobile from a mid april release around the 16th. This will be the Last=

monkees collectable for a while. Click on ERTL cars and scroll down then
click on Monkees. Very cool. Bryan


From: “Jessica Carter”

Hi! I just thought I’d would tell everyone about the new “country-rock”
book “Are You Ready For The Country” by Peter Dogget.
It has two or three chapters about Mike Nesmith and the role
he played in the “country-rock” scene of the later 60’s and early
70’s. This book does not overlook his role with The First National
Band and even speaks of his work with The Monkees in creating
“country-rock” flavored records.

Peace and Love
Lady Tork


From: “Joseph Giannini”

Monkeesology CD Review

By Joseph W. Giannini

Although several collections of unreleased Monkees music have graced us
over the years,
this particular one is unusual in that it is presented in a documentary
style, which includes
studio tracks, radio interviews, concert performances and television guest=

appearances. In fact,
all of the selections featured here appear on CD for the first time.

From a concert performance in Phoenix during January 1967 are live
versions of =E2=80=9CPapa Gene=E2=80=99s
Blues=E2=80=9D and =E2=80=9CTake A Giant Step=E2=80=9D from their first alb=
um, with the
foursome playing as a self-
contained garage band. The only drawback is that Micky Dolenz=E2=80=99 voca=
ls are
barely audible in the mix.
Also of note is Michael Nesmith=E2=80=99s down-to-earth interview with Gold=

Riviera, circa early 1968.
He is almost pleading for public acceptance of the Monkees and their music.

Included in this set is the Monkees=E2=80=99 New York appearance on =E2=80=
Tonight Show,=E2=80=9D starring Johnny Carson, in June 1969. Promoting thei=
r new
=E2=80=9CGreatest Hits=E2=80=9D collection, the trio perform =E2=80=9CDaydr=
Believer=E2=80=9D and =E2=80=9CGoin=E2=80=99 Down.=E2=80=9D

Another interesting rarity is the group=E2=80=99s possible last appearance =
as a
quartet on DJ =E2=80=9CJerry Blavat=E2=80=99s Place,=E2=80=9D
a Philly syndicated series, the week of November 20, 1968. While the group=

was mainly there to promote the premiere of their new film, =E2=80=9CHead,=
Peter Tork does manage to play bass with the studio band on an abbreviated=

=E2=80=9CLast Train To Clarksville=E2=80=9D (one particularly mature fan as=
ked Michael
a question regarding his =E2=80=9CWichita Train Whistle Sings=E2=80=9D albu=
Speaking of which, all of the =E2=80=98different=E2=80=99 mono mixes from =
are featured here, finally, for the first time.

Also included is the intended single mix of =E2=80=9CLove Is Only Sleeping=
played on their TV series in
October 1967. Originally, =E2=80=9CLove Is Only Sleeping=E2=80=9D/ =E2=80=
Believer=E2=80=9D were to be released as a
single in the states that month, but at the last minute, RCA backed out.

Lastly, a bonus track is added that includes murky snippets of an
appearance at the Pueblo Colorado State Fair in August 1969. This is the
second of two concerts the trio performed there, which features =E2=80=9CPl=
Valley Sunday,=E2=80=9D =E2=80=9CTapioca Tundra,=E2=80=9D =E2=80=9CA Man Wi=
thout A Dream
(intro),=E2=80=9D =E2=80=9CDon=E2=80=99t Wait For Me,=E2=80=9D plus a few
R &B covers as well. Although it has been stated that one of the shows from=

their infamous 1969 tour with
Sam and the Goodtimers was recorded for a possible live album, it remains
to be heard.

The Monkees Phenomenon was a unique and varied one in the annals of
pop/rock history, and here is all the evidence needed to prove it. If you
are a Monkees Maniac, you will surely want to give this collection,
presented in the style of =E2=80=9CThe Beatles=E2=80=99 Anthology,=E2=80=9D=
a listen.


From: helen

Just found out that Danny Solazzi, from the Characters, will be playing wit=
Peter at the shows he does at that collectibles convention in April. Us “o=
timers” remember Danny and his band performing at various Monkees conventio=
in the ’80’s, including backing up the guys when they would perform.

Peter will apparently be doing a bunch of Monkees tunes, including some mor=
“obscure” ones, so if you’re trying to decide whether or not to attend, GO
FOR IT – you won’t be disappointed!




Hello everyone, I received an email from the People at 48 Hours! and look
for the Monkees segment on April 17. they said that was when it will air. B=


From: Lisa Manekofsky

Hi Brad,

If this hasn’t been posted to the alert list already, please let people
know that a Monkees concert has been scheduled for April 12st at the
Providence Performing Arts Center in Providence, RI.

Info on purchasing tickets online can be found at
information can be found at



From: “Amy Roundtree”

Hi. In the last alert, a concert date was announced for Paramount’s Kings
Island near Cincinnati on June 2. According to Kings Island, the park is
closed for the day for a private event and there can’t be a concert
scheduled for that day. The date is also listed on the
site. How can we get to the bottom of this?
Thanks for your help

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