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By M.A. Cassata

Hey, hey, Monkee people. We are so psyched! Just recently we managed to snag a few minutes of interview time with Micky.

As you know, these past few months Micky’s had a full slate—50th Anniversary tour dates with Peter, solo concert shows and personal appearances at conventions and other commitments.

He was kind enough to take time out to chat with us and answer a few of your more pressing questions.

We are pleased to say that Micky,  at age 71 doesn’t seem to  have any plans of slowing down anytime soon. Especially with the Monkees heading over to England, Australia and Japan  for forthcoming  tour dates. What is it like working with 7A records digging up long forgotten singles for release?

Iain Lee is the fellow there; a big fan who used to have his own BBC radio show. He unearthed these tracks and I’m glad they’re finally being properly released. The artwork is great as well and I love the fact they’re available on vinyl as well. They’ve also released a Bobby Hart record as well.

What was it like working in the studio with Adam Schelesinger?

He just instinctively knew what was needed, from the material to the songs from the right songwriters. He also knew just what was needed in our Davy-track. Was incredibly positive working with him.

Can you expand on your recent comment: “I realized that the whole indie rock scene is all about recapturing that 1960’s jangly guitar sound of the Monkees, amongst many other groups, of course.”

There was a particular sound of that era; Adam captured it perfectly for us. The success of the album speaks volumes.

Have you thought about a charity auction for some of your 60’s memorabilia?

Not just yet. But an interesting idea that’s been talked about a lot.” Stay tuned!

How has the reaction to this tour been compared to other decades?

The tour, timed to the anniversary and the album was exactly the plan; and it’s been met with the excitement we hoped for. We’re going to England and Australia.

Describe your on tour experience today as compared to previous tours.

We’re as focused as ever, but again, the timing is just perfect.

How do you keep your attitude so mellow and easygoing?

Because we’re as thrilled as the audience is.

What’s the story behind “The Monkees remaster” EP?  How did you match 
your vocal so amazingly close to the original?

I think I am singing better than ever; I’ve always taken care of my voice, so it was pretty effortless.

Any plans to do a live online show for the worldwide fans? 

That’s being talked about right now. We’re on a segment of the AXS Mark Cuban music show too.

Any message for your longtime loyal fans? 

Thanks for being there. Our audiences have always been great. Now, we’re getting the parents and their kids; it’s a wonderful mix.


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