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Monkees Australia 1968 Live footage (silent 8mm with audio dubbed over)

February 2, 2013 by  
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Want more? Come to This is great, previously unseen footage of the guys touring Australia. This comes from the collection of Suzanne Gee. Wonderful film of the guys onstage – bearded Peter and Michael’s famous Stars & Stripes jacket are two of the noteworthy rarities that can be seen. The footage is dark, shaky, plays at the wrong speed and a little difficult to see at times, but I genuinely believe this is some of the most exciting Monkees footage out there. The film presented to me was silent so I have dubbed an interview with Davy Jones on it from the Monkees Talk Down Under LP. I have also added a rare, lost Tema Dei Monkees mix which was discovered on an Italian compilation. Got something to share? Email If this infringes on anyones copyright, please email me to discuss this. Thanks.

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