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Announcement: Micky Dolenz

March 27, 2011 by  
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Micky has performed live numerous times since The Monkees, and sang most of the popular songs. He has made successful childrens records, published his autobiography, and has performed on Broadway. He performs in road shows of “Grease!”, was the voice of Arthur in the Fox animated series “The Tick”, has appeared in the TV series “Pacific Blue”, and directs film projects. He also has performed on Broadway in the play AIDA, and has taken a job as a morning radio DJ in New Jersey.

To write to Micky: Micky Dolenz, c/o Dolenz Productions
P.O.Box 8514
Calabasas, Ca.


7 Responses to “Announcement: Micky Dolenz”
  1. monkee26 says:

    I think Micky is so funny on the old T.V. show, and I’m so glad they are airing it again! 🙂 He’s a great singer as well. I love the Monkees and wish moderen bands could be half as good as they were. 😀

  2. monkee26 says:

    Hey, I was just looking at some stuff Micky Dolenz did and one site said that he was in a few scooby doo episodes? Is this ture, and if it is, who did he play?

  3. He tried to show me not to be on his facebook or Twitter.But I didn’t want to leave even if it is the right thing to do.I’m obsessed Micky.

  4. missmonkee says:

    Micky Dolenz is nothing but a rich old snob! I used too love him:( But if he’s going too make a six-minute phone call for $275 dollars he can just loose a fan.:( 🙁 🙁

  5. Jasmine Dalrymple 97 says:

    I loved Micky ever since I saw the show on t.v. he’s my favorite!

  6. Do you love Micky Dolenz?? ‘Cause I love Micky Dolenz. Let’s hang out!!!

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  7. teddy bear says:



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