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Micky Dolenz Junkyard Movie 1967(?)

December 14, 2012 by  
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This is a rare silent movie of Micky Dolenz in a junkyard. I would imagine this was filmed in 1967. Beyond that, I know very little about this. If anyone can fill in the blanks, do let me know. It is well documented that Dolenz was a fan of Super 8 cameras and in photos from this period is often seen carrying one around (Micky, when are you going to release those films?) But this looks a little more structured than just home movies. Note the edits and cuts. This film came to me as silent but I have dubbed over a track by the Fire Men from 2009 which features Micky on backing vocals. If you’d rather hear it in it’s original silent glory, turn the sound off! This film comes from the excellent collection of Suzanne Gee. Thanks Suzanne. Got anything else to share? Then email also come and be notified of any new video and audio via Do share freely and thanks in advance for giving Monkee Bootlegs credit!

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