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Announcement: Michael Nesmith

March 27, 2011 by  
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Mike Nesmith

An accomplished songwriter before performing on The Monkees TV show, Michael has created many solo albums, has been credited with creating the concept behind MTV, won the first ever grammy award for video with “Elephant Parts”, created the TV sequel “Television Parts”, has run a video company, has produced movies such as “Tape Heads” and “Timerider”, and still performs live in solo concert shows on occasion. He was not available when the reunions of the 80’s took place, although he appeared with the group on occasion.

To write to Michael: Michael Nesmith, 1793 Cataline St. Sand City CA 93955


2 Responses to “Announcement: Michael Nesmith”
  1. monkee26 says:

    Wow, I’m 14, and ever scince I discovered the Monkees old T.V. show, and music, I have loved both. I listen to the music whenever I can, and wish moderen bands could be half as good, and funny, as this one was.

  2. monkeelover500 says:

    O my gosh me too! They are amazing! Now all they play on the radio is junk!

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