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Michael Nesmith Live 2011 Performance Reviews

August 21, 2011 by  
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Update: Play the recording here:

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From: Fred V. Here’s a review of the rare Michael Nesmith performance in Largo by skallywag from the Steve Hoffman Board:

The show was WOW, fantastic.. Not only was Nez wonderful, but Sarah Watkins, Fiona Apple, Lee Grant Phillips were all great.. I had never listened to any of them before and I can say, I can’t wait to go back and enjoy them again..

Once the doors opened at 7:30, everyone could go into the Largo lobby, have some refreshments, sit in the courtyard or go inside the Little room.. A small club area, with the bar (beer and wine only), a small stage, and an eclectic aray of pcitures and other decorations hanging on the walls.. Very nice place to relax..

I sat in the lobby and just watched as the people came in.. Soon I noticed Christian Nesmith, then Jason, Jonathan and yes, even Jessica! They were there with their partners in life.. It was heartwarming, but not suprising, to see them all together to come to listen to the man they get to call “Dad”… Shortly after this, I looked to my left, and saw Micky Dolenz as he came through the door !! Wow, I thought, this is wonderful and so sweet for him to come and see Mike too.. He looked GREAT, (don’t you believe for one minute, the rumors about the sudden cancellation of the Monkee tour, was due to him needing to go into rehab… ) he was spot on, smiling a wide smile, happy go lucky Micky!!

I got a GREAT seat.. front row, center.. The Stage is raised, less than 10 ft away..

The Nez “kids” walked in altogether and sat about 4th or 5th row back, Micky came in, walked in front of the stage, and went off towards the back, probably sat in 3rd, 4th,
5th row back.

Sarah and Sean Watkins, came out opened the show.. There is pure talent in these two as well.. Very spontanious and fun.. After 3 numbers, Lee Grant Phillips came out, (wow, what a talent he is and a beautiful voice)… Through out the begining of the evening, Sarah would say, we have some special guests…. Fiona Apple came out, she joined the band and they did a nice number from a person known as Skeeter Davis.. I have heard of her from my parents era in Country music, in the early 60’s.. I had never heard the song they did before, but it was really good and Fiona too, was amazing..

Then, Sarah said, something like “Ok, we need to bring out the guy you have all come here to see”…. The audience went wild… And she introduced “the Amazing Singer/songwriter Mr. Michael Nesmith…” And now the house really went WILD with thunderous applauce, whoops and hollers, and a standing Ovation .. He walked from the right wind of the stage, wearing a black T-shirt, Levis, on his feet were black slip on Mocs. He wore a beautiful silver and turquiose brand/braclet on his right wrist.. He picked up his 12 string guitar, tossed the strap over his shoulder, GRINNED, and began to play :

Little Red Ryder
Thanx For the Ride
Some of Shelly’s Blues

Man, can he play a 12 string guitar so BEAUTIFULLY!! It is my favorite instrament anyway, so to hear and FEEL the melodious sounds coming from his playing, was just special..

In between the songs, he would SMILE .. Almost in a shy like way.. it was warming, he seemed so gracious and sincere.. At the end as he started to walk off stage, he turned and bowed and blew a kiss to the audience.. And walked off the same way he came.. To the sounds of a pleased and fullfiled audience, a standing ovation, with cries and chants for MORE…

Which they all returned and they finished the set with
Propinquity (Ive Just Begun to Care) and
Different Drum (although Sarah did the lead on this one)..

I didn’t stay long after the show.. Sarah and her band were set to play a bit longer in the Little Room… Which is just what is says, LITTLE ROOM.. The line up after the main show to get into that, was out the door.. The theater holds something like 250, and the Little Room MAY hold 40, MAYBE… so you can imagine how long it would take to filter people through there.. Perhaps Nez came in and played more there, it could have happened.. I just decided I needed to head for home.. I came and saw the Monkee I loved the most as a first generation fan, Papa Nez that I loved and enjoyed in the 70’s, and just plain ol’ Nez now… I was a happy, fullfiled fan!!!


Another review (strong language):




3 Responses to “Michael Nesmith Live 2011 Performance Reviews”
  1. Skallywag says:

    It is too bad the audio for the live show isn’t very good. I wasn’t the one who recorded it, but it was a good try by whomever did.. Largo has a very, very strict NO audio, video, photo or cell phones allowed policy.. They are very good at catching people too… It is amazing this person was able to get this recorded at all..

    Anyway, it was a wonderful evening, and I am so thankful I was able to go..


  2. missmonkee says:

    Micky is so sweet for going to see Mike. I wish they would sing together again:(.

  3. montevista12 says:

    It is so wonderful to hear Mike again. I love his talent. Now I don’t have to wonder “what ever happened to….” Hope to see him in concert down the road. So Mike if you get an opportunity come to SW Colorado. It would be cool if you could play in one of the Durango Pubs.

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