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Featured Photos

April 9, 2011 by  
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Fans – send us your photos of the Monkees in concert or at events or whatever – the more the merrier!



4 Responses to “Featured Photos”
  1. broadsword says:

    Broadsword @ 10:00 p.m.

    A Really Good Show at the Ruth Eckerd Show last p.m. !

    The concert was set — up as most of their Tour Shows are … 70 mins. 30 min. Break,

    followed by another Set of 70.mins! A Great Farewell show in the TAMPA / Clearwater Area!

    Seemingly, by the pictures, Some of the Venues offer MORE FREEDOM in their Venues!!

    Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater…Well, Heres’ How it was !!

    (1.) No Cameras Permitted,

    (2. ) No Camcorders Permitted

    (3.) No Flash Cameras, S.L.R. jobs

    (4. ) No Still Photos/ or Digital Cameras.Permitted .


    We had Good Seats, However the “Meet and Greet ” Oportunities/ Option was sold Out, Just as

    the Concert was Announced (No advanced Notice ! Most people didn’t know they existed !)

    Once Again, I would Like to Commend the Group and their Musical Accompanists !

    A Well– heeled 8 Person Acompanying Musicians !!

    Even though, No Pictures / Cameras Permitted, I managed to Get My Wife a Tee — Shirt

    @ ( $ 35.00).

    We are Feeling that their Promoters // Tour Agents didn’t think TAMPA / CLEARWATER . Area

    was Going to be that much of A “SHOW As ” NO Programs Were Available For the fans and the

    Public !

    The Head Usher Told Me that Stage Security was Handling the Autographs…We Had a Mini–

    Poster of the Film ” HEAD ” That My Wife had received from a Co — Worker. Yep, You Guessed

    It. Even though I had the Blue Sharpie Pen….AND the Poster… NO AUTOGRAPHS !!

    We STILL Enjoyed the Show, However, I’ve Gotten FAR Much More Cooperation With Other

    Venues in the Past !!

    FREEDOM and Sincerity,


    P.S. Does anyone know who We could Write or E — Mail Reguarding The Ruth Eckerd Hall, or

    the Monkees’ Management ??

  2. intosummerwithmonkees255 says:

    Go to the site, you should find it there.

  3. blairh says:

    Topic related to a picture I took:
    The picture is posted here:

    I tried to upload the picture to but it was too large (Hi Res .jpg)

    Anyway, the photo was taken one week ago at 217 Thompson in Greenwich Village, New York City, former location of Davy’s boutique Zilch. I in fact had the pleasure of shopping there several times in the Summer of ’68 when I lived a couple of blocks away.

    Although the location is currently a postal / package service store, the doors into the store retain the distinctive “Z” handles from the Zilch days.

  4. destes says:

    Wow I am going to the Ruth Eckerd show next week. glad I read your post. I called them a while ago about meet and greet and they are not even having it. I will still bring my IPAD everyone will have something to take pics so I don’t think those ushers at REH can escort everyone out but we will see…

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