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Davy Jones Discography

David Jones (colpix cp493)
side one:
what are we going to do
maybe it’s because i’m a londoner
put me amongst the girls
any old iron
theme for a new love

side two
it ain’t me babe
face up to it
dream girl
baby it’s me (i though he said it ain’t him just a second ago!)
my dad
this bouquet

Davy Jones (Bell 6067)
side one:
road to love
how about me
singin’ to the music
rainy jane
look at me
say it again

side two:
i really love you
love me for a day
sitting in the apple tree
take my love
pretty little girl
welcome to my love

Original Cast Recording of Harry
Nilsson’s The Point

side one:
Overture (orchestra)
Everything’s got ’em (company)
Me and My Arrow (davy jones)
Poli High (company)
Remember (veronica Clifford)
To Be a King (noel howlett & company)
He’s leaving here this morning (Bath) (Micky Dolenz,Colin Bennett,Clovissa
Think About your Troubles (davy jones & company)

side two
blanket for a sail (davy jones)
life line (davy jones)
Thursday(Here’s why i did not go to work today) (felix rice)
It’s a Jungle out There (micky dolenz)
P.O.V. Waltz (davy jones & company
Are you Sleeping (davy jones and company)
Gottta Get Up (davy jones and micky dolenz)
Reprise Overture (orchestra)


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