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Announcement: Davy Jones

March 27, 2011 by  
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David Jones

The terminally cute Davy was a Broadway performer, and was first to be picked for The Monkees TV Show. David performs songs of The Monkees and new material all around the world in solo shows, and with the other Monkees members. He has written 3 books about the Monkee years. He also breeds and rides race horses.


To write to Davy: Davy Jones, PO Box 400, Beavertown PA 17813


8 Responses to “Announcement: Davy Jones”
  1. monkee26 says:

    Davy is awesome. Ever since I found out about him and the Monkees in general, I’ve loved their music and T.V. show. It’s so funny (the T.V. show I mean) though I have to admit the end of the Day Dream Believer music video is pretty funny and awesome. Their music is wonderful.

  2. intosummerwithmonkees255 says:

    I hope and pray that we’ll be together someday:(

  3. oogjen04 says:

    Davy you will be missed, I loved to watch the monkees it made my day. But its sad that you were taken soon.

  4. captainatom says:

    It is very sad to hear of the death of Davy. He isn’t just Davy Jones to his fans or fans of the Monkees. This is a death in the family. It hurts and we all feel sorry for his real family and friends. I only met him once, just long enough to ask for his autograph but it was memorable to me. I just listened to a live version of of the song Every Step of the Way he preformed it with the energy of a true preformer that made you feel the energy while you just listened. One song that he wrote is one I like to sing to my wife. That song is I’ll love you Forever. It is sad to know that we will never see or hear him act again.
    Now please don’t missunderstand this next part of this post. It is not an attempt for me to make any money and I will take back the offer if you think I am trying that. I don’t want to cause any harm. I wrote a book in which the charater of Davy was one of the stars. It is called Last Train to Murder and the Monkees solve the crime. Any money that it generates that normally would go to me I will give to a mission or charity. I haven’t heard if his family has designated a charity so I plan to give the proceeds to a Christian mission that need money You can get the book at

  5. monkeelover500 says:

    Wow it is so sad that he is gone! I am still in shock about his death. I really hope that he can see how much people love him and his music!

  6. charity sharpe says:

    i want them to bring the monkees back on tv i was so sad when davy past on i miss the way he could make you get up and move he was a delight to the world you will be missed DAVY by me and every one else!!!!!!!!!!

  7. brad says:

    the monkees ARE back on TV – check out antenna TV web site for channel in your area.

  8. milomyluv2 says:

    David was a very talented ,loving kind caring wonderful person. He had a big heart and a loving beautiful soul. I first met him in 1973 when he played the Boyfriend, we beacame good friends .David would never turn his back on his friends or fans, and he would always stop when approch by a fan. Please alawys keep David alive in his music . He will Never Ever Be Forgotten. I will always keep him in my heart miss him so much. and will alwys love him forever. R.I.P. my love. The world will always remember you.will laways charish our time together and what you have taught me sweet dreams. PS: I think the onkees should be in the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame.

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