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Brand New Monkees iPhone APP!

December 10, 2011 by  
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Hold on to your wool-hats iPhone users – yes if you own an iGadget such as an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, YOU can be among the first to experience the brand spanking new:



That’s right – literally hours of work (hehe – make that months) went into making this super slick first-ever Monkees App just for the fans!

And not just a reformatting of the Monkees.Net web site, this app includes fantastic App features such as:

  • Send Photos direct from your iPhone to us!
  • Built-in mp3 player for all music links
  • Built-in Video player with tons of videos to watch – updated regularly!
  • Share items with your friends on FaceBook and Twitter!
  • Search function will find all articles from the past
  • Re-size photos to fit the screen
  • Read the latest Monkees news as it happens on your mobile device!
  • Latest tour dates and schedules easily at hand, create meetings with other fans at the shows you are going to see!
  • Live comment on every article

Plus much much more – please support our efforts to spread the Monkees everywhere and download the Monkees App now at the iTunes App Store icon on your device – search for “Monkees” of course!

Or iTunes users on the PC/Mac can download it from here to upload to your device:

Please send us your feedback on the new app, let us know how it works for you – what else you want to see in it – this was made for the fans – please enjoy!

And don’t you fret Android Smartphone and Tablet users – your Monkees app is on the way later this month!

More features to come – stay tuned to this Monkee Channel!

Just released – The Ultimate Monkees Collectible:

Real Metal Monkee Coins on the first cover (alternate title) for the book, Monkee Business..

Get Micky, Mike, Davy and Peter, immortalized on arguably, the longest lasting Monkees collectible that will ever exist.

Yes, you will flip over these coins! Click Here for more Details:

Thanks again to everyone who entered our latest contest, and especially to our 5 winners of the Rhino Handmade Instant Replay triple CD remaster:

MacPeek, Walker, Jeffcoat, Wolf and Rufer

Big thanks go out to all of the entrants and to the companies who made it possible by donating the prizes:

  • Our friends at Friday Music for the re-issue of David Jones The Deluxe Edition Colpix Album
  • The good guys at Rhino Records, with the Deluxe Edition of The Monkees Instant Replay. No ordinary remaster, this package is 3 CDs featuring 87 tracks including 58 previously unreleased recordings, backing tracks and a generous selection of stereo and mono mixes for both album and non-album cuts. It also features a 45-rpm vinyl single of the one-of-a-kind acetate versions of “I Go Ape” and “(I Prithee) Do Not Ask For Love”.
  • Our friends at Rockabye Baby!, a record label that releases a line of CD’s which transform popular rock bands’ tunes into lullaby music for babies and parents new CD which includes a lullaby version of Daydream Believer – originally performed by The Monkees. Listen to MP3 samples at their website.
  • Our friends at Oldies.Com, the premiere source of collectible classic music with their new CD Garage Band Tribute to The Monkees – which you can pre-order at their website.
  • Plus Changes and The Monkees Present CD reissues by Friday Music.
  • Plus the only complete biography of Michael Nesmith, “Total Control – The Monkees Michael Nesmith Story

Some comments from the winners:

Did I win? The Monkees Instant Replay Deluxe Edition just showed up in my mailbox today! I don’t remember ordering it so either someone sent it to me as a gift or I actually won a contest! I never win anything! Thanks Rhino and for this great prize! shoeless_monkee

Hi! I wanted to thank you for sending me the copy of the Nez book Total Control for winning the trivia contest. It was a nice surprise – kind of like a little early Xmas gift. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much! Nancy Benecki

You can see all comments on this post here:

Stay tuned for our next contest – you can win at Monkees.Net!


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2 Responses to “Brand New Monkees iPhone APP!”
  1. Dizzyshar says:

    Love the app! It would be perfect if you put a price on it and take out the ads I am for sure willing to pay for it ad free 🙂

  2. This is amazing, Ive used it ever since I got my ipod. im glad I can keep up to date on everything monkees!

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