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Zilch Podcast #42 – The Monkees On blu Ray!

November 3, 2015 by  
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Reported by Fred Velez

The latest Zilch Monkees Podcast number 42 has an exclusive interview with Monkees historian Andrew Sandoval and John Hughes of Rhino Records talking with Ken Mills about the upcoming Monkees blu Ray set coming in January of 2016 to celebrate the Monkees 50th anniversary. The limited edition set will not only include remastered and restored episodes of the Monkees series, it will also include the movie ‘Head’ and the 1969 ’33 & 1/3 Revolutions per Monkees’ TV special. Sandoval and Hughes also reveal some of the extras that will be in the set, such as a bonus disc of rarities which will include outtakes from ‘Head’ and ’33 & 1/3′, the Monkees appearances on the Johnny Cash and Glen Campbell shows, a rare video of ‘Randy Scouse Git’ (Alternate Title)’ that was shown only in England, Davy Jones performing ‘Someday Man’ on a Dick Clark special, a special 45 of rare TV mixes and other surprises.

This edition of the Zilch Podcast is a must listen for all Monkees fans!

Link: Zilch Podcast 42 – Monkees on blu Ray

Rhino Link to Order Monkees blu Ray Set


One Response to “Zilch Podcast #42 – The Monkees On blu Ray!”
  1. basenji says:

    With everything that I heard will be included in this Blu-ray set, there is one thing that I have not heard will be included – the 1997 reunion TV special. This would complete the set from beginning to end. Currently it is not available anywhere. I hope it will be included.

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