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Zilch! A Monkees Podcast

August 7, 2014 by  
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Ken Mills, who has hosted podcasts newsletters on KISS and Cheap Trick, has recently started a new podcast on the Monkees titled Zilch! The episodes contain lively discussions on the Monkees music, TV series, concerts, conventions, events and interviews with those in the Monkees universe like Monkee tour drummer Rich Dart, book author Melanie Mitchell, and an upcoming podcast interview with author and blog writer Fred Velez. Ken and his crew discuss the topics with intelligence and humor, with rare Monkees music and cover versions sprinkled throughout the program. The Zilch! podcast episodes are available to listen on Apple iTunes on the Zilch! Blogspot website with updates posted on the Zilch! Facebook and Twitter pages.!-a-monkees-podcast!/id878811084?mt=2

Be sure to check out the Zilch podcasts!

Fred Velez, 2014

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