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Why concerts continue at shutdown MN Zoo & Monkees’ set list

July 3, 2011 by  
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Even though the Minnesota Zoo was forced to close because of a government shutdown, the concerts will continue. Why?


Because, unlike zoo employees, the people who put on the concerts are not state employees. Sue McLean & Associates, which produces the concerts, rent the amphitheater for the nighttime shows. About 35 are scheduled for this year, including another Monkees show Saturday night.


About 150 zoo employees were deemed essential and are still working. About 20 zoo staffers were on duty Friday night for the first Monkees concert. But McLean had to hire extra workers, though they didn’t have to tear down the stage on Friday (usually the amphitheater is used for bird shows in the daytime).


All the zoo concert facilities — concession stands, rest rooms, even a zoo souvenir stand — were functioning as usual on Friday, though the main building was not opened until needed during the emergency rain delay.


Here are some other thoughts on Friday’s rain-interrupted Monkees concert:


* Davy Jones’ comment that the crowd was “small but mighty” seemed odd considering that it was standing room only. Jones should have talked to his booking agent about the issue.


* Peter Tork never mentioned that he went to nearby Carleton College, though he did do an interview with a Northfield, Minn., radio station,


* Micky Dolenz probably had the best voice of the three Monkees, but, as stated in my review, all of them sang too softly. (Those weren’t hearing aids in their ears; just in-ear sound monitors.)


* Some 60-something music stars stay in touring shape (Springsteen, McCartney, Clapton, Neil Young) and some don’t (Monkees, Seger).


* Although the audience was predictably heavy on baby boomers, the age-range was wide — from under 10 to over 65.


* People of all ages were standing and joyously singing along to “I’m a Believer” in much the same way that Neil Diamond’s crowd sings along to “Sweet Caroline” in concert (by the way, Diamond wrote both of those ear-worms).


Here is what the Monkees played Friday:

Monkees Theme/ I’m a Believer/ Mary Mary/ Girl I Knew Somewhere / Love Comes Knockin’ at Your Door/Randy Scouse Git/ Vallerie RAIN DELAY


Rainy Jane/ All of Your Toys/ What Am I Doin’ Hangin’ Round/ That Was Then This Is Now/ I Wanna Be Free/ Goin’ Down/ Your Auntie Grizelda/ She Hangs Out/ Last Train to Clarksville/ A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You/ Steppin’ Stone/ Daydream Believer ENCORE Listen to the Band/ Pleasant Valley Sunday/ I’m a Believer (again)/ Monkees theme (again)


What songs got trimmed because of the rain delay? Here’s what was omitted from the printed set list:

Papa Gene’s Blues/ Saturday’s Child/ Some Time in the Morning/ Someday Man/ As We Go Along / Do I Have to do This All Over Again/ Porpoise Song/ For Pete’s Sake/ Cuddly Toy/ It’s Nice To Be with You

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