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Vault Sessions Presents Peter Tork April 2011

June 22, 2011 by  
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Artist Info:

Born in Washington DC in 1942, Peter Thorkelson met superstardom in his early twenties when the politically interested musician, songwriter and actor was referred by his friend Stephen Stills to audition for a part in a pop-rock-band tv show: The Monkees. He became one of the characters on the show in 1966, and a member of the band that emerged from that show: a quartet that would become icons in American pop culture for several decades. The Monkees tv show lives on in syndication, and the Monkees band has reunited many times, including a King Biscuit video release. Throughout, Peter Tork has continued his own musical journey, married a few times, and battled cancer, writes an AskPeter column on his blog and continues to perform with and without his Monkee bandmates. He recently stopped by Wolfgang’s Vault for a rare and exclusive Vault Session to play some familiar and some less familiar tunes and to tell us about the upcoming Monkees reunion tour. Enjoy.

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