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Travel Team to Micky Comedy Show

August 6, 2014 by  
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Comedy is HARD! Staring Micky Dolenz Oct 4th


Okay Monkee fans. Here is the news on Comedy is Hard Staring Micky Dolenz.

The Date is Saturday Oct 4th.

The bus will leave from the Hilton Meadowlands. (this way if you want a room you can stay, also we all know how to get there and it is on the way)

The bus has reclining seats, bathrooms and DVD players so we can watch Monkees the entire time.

This holds only 36 people. The show starts at 8pm. The bus will leave from the Meadowlands at 4pm sharp. It will leave CT to come back at 11:30pm.

Including all fees, gas, miles, tolls and tip plus your ticket to the show, it is $100.

I AM NOT MAKING MONEY ON THIS!! I am doing this for the love of the game.

There are only 36 seats! If you want to do this, I need you to expect to pay for this within the next 2 weeks. Tell everyone you know and pass it around ASAP.

If we don’t have 36 people we cannot book this. If we have more then 36 I can book a bigger vehicle.

I need you to expect to pay 100 per ticket by August 20th. Please email me at if you want to participate. I will set up a button on the website to allow you to pay for your tickets.

I am still doing this Brady Thing so be patient with me. The price isn’t bad when you think tolls and gas and driving would be more I believe. You can book rooms at the Hilton if you want to stay. I can see about a price break.

So please share this with everyone you know, all Monkees websites, facebook pages, everything. Gonna Be A BLAST!!


New Jersey Travel Team:

Show Information:

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