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The Monkees news: Sixties band aimed for The Beatles

January 20, 2012 by  
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MISCHIEVOUS members of The Monkees used to chuck DARTS at a picture of British legends The Beatles, a new BBC documentary reveals.

Revealing a hint of envy towards the Fab Four, Monkee Micky Dolenz tells BBC4’s How The Brits Rocked America: Go West, screened on January 29: “We had a poster of The Beatles on the wall and we used to throw darts at it.”

Remembering his US band’s Sixties TV show, Micky adds: “It was a show about a band that wanted to be The Beatles and never made it.

“I think that’s why it connected with so many people.

“It was about this band which represented all these bands in garages trying to become something like The Beatles.”

Singer Jackie DeShannon also recalls what it was like supporting the Fab Four on their first US tour in 1964.

She says: “I liked playing Monopoly with George Harrison. Who wouldn’t?”

via The Monkees news: Sixties band aimed for The Beatles | The Sun |Showbiz|TV.


One Response to “The Monkees news: Sixties band aimed for The Beatles”
  1. JB says:

    News? Seriously, guys? This was in an episode of the Monkees…

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