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The Monkees New Video For New Single!

April 28, 2016 by  
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by Fred Velez

Here’s the video for The Monkees new single ‘She Makes Me Laugh’.

The new single written by Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo recaptures the vintage jangling guitar sound of the Monkees ‘Headquarters/Pisces’ period. The song could almost be mistaken for a recently discovered Monkees 60’s outtake. The video Rhino created for the song cleverly incorporates panels from the tie-in Dell Monkees comic books which were just as wacky as the TV series. The images compliment the song beautifully furthering enhancing its nostalgic quality. This first single off the upcoming ‘Good Times!’ album is a great preview of what is definitely the most anticipated Monkees release in years and is a major highlight of an already incredible 50th anniversary celebration.

Fred Velez, 2016.



2 Responses to “The Monkees New Video For New Single!”
  1. JAZZ4JEFF says:

    You expressed yourself very well Fred. The 60’s sound is amazing with the addition of a catchy melody. Thanks for your insights.


  2. hadlockjudith says:

    I love the sound of it – this new Monkees single!! Very much like The Beatles and the ’60’s!! I think it’s a single that younger fans as well as older fans like me (1st Generation Monkees fan) can really get into and enjoy!!! I totally agree with your review Fred – the comic book tie-in is “perfect”!! I can’t wait to see and hear what else Rhino and The Monkees have up their sleeves!!! It’s been an amazing 50 years, that’s for sure!!!

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