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The Monkees 27/03/2015 Palm Springs, California

February 4, 2015 by  
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efe83f2538813e8017c218a7ba6c591aDate : 27/03/2015
City :Palm Springs, California
Venue:Fantasy Springs Resort Casino Special Events Center

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One Response to “The Monkees 27/03/2015 Palm Springs, California”
  1. CDICE007 says:

    The Fantasy Springs show in Indio, CA was pretty good, except for a few minor glitches. Andrew, if you’re reading this, you need to “fix” the audio-video synch of the video clip to “Valleri” or dump it completely. It was embarrassing; fans around me were–literally–laughing at the clip. The other “glitch” that needs to be worked-out, or dumped, is the whole “Cuddly Toy” thing. Listening to Micky/Peter doing, what appeared to be, a karaoke-version of “Cuddly Toy” alongside the video clip was cheesy. And for the record, I could have listened to Micky & Peter do an hour and a half of acoustic only tunes, you know, just the two of them, no back-up band, sitting on bar stools with their guitars, chatting, telling stories and playing Monkees songs acoustically. For me, the acoustic segment wasn’t nearly long enough and was the highlight of the evening. Just my two cents. A Micky & Peter acoustic tour would be very cool.

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