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The Monkees 05/22/2014 Hampton Beach, N.H.

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Date : 05/22/2014
City : Hampton Beach, N.H.
Venue :  Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom

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One Response to “The Monkees 05/22/2014 Hampton Beach, N.H.”
  1. kjsmonkees says:

    Hi kids,
    Had a front row seat at the Monkees show last night at Hampton Beach! As much as we miss Davy it was nice to have Mike back with the band, and he looked like he was truly enjoying every minute of it! They played the hits, of course, and some deeper cuts. I don’t want to give too much away, but suffice it to say that we certainly got our money’s worth with the 30-plus set list. It was a lot of fun for all generations of Monkees fans. My only disappointment (which may be a good thing for some) was that they didn’t talk much between the songs – some songs obviously don’t need an intro, especially their hits – but I like to hear some of the back stories of how the songs came to be. They’d done this when I saw them three years ago so I guess I was expecting it. Other than that, we (that is, my sisters and I) really had a great time. Plus, I got a smile from Micky, so it was all good!

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