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The Beatles Monkee Around

April 3, 2011 by  
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The Fab Fourum and guest moderator Eric Lefcowitz, author of “Monkee Business”, look at the many connections between the Beatles and the Monkees. The two groups met in the 60s, and some members even maintained relationships beyond.

PAUL TALKS ABOUT THE MONKEES: In the summer of 1967, two young girls visited London and set out to meet the Beatles. One afternoon – possibly July 31st – they lucked out. Both Paul McCartney and George Harrison were not only at home and open to a visit, but allowed the girls to run a tape. The results are unusual in that they show McCartney and Harrison in a more casual mood than is typically heard on recordings of press conferences and formal interviews. In this segment, Paul talks with the girls about … the Monkees.

via Audio Gallery – Welcome to the Fab Fourum!.

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