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New Monkees Rereleases In May

April 4, 2011 by  
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Friday Music will be re-releasing several Monkees LPs with extra tracks on CD in May.

The list includes “Present”, “Changes”, “Pool It” and “Justus”.

There is also word that the original David Jones LP on Colpix will be rereleased by this label.

I guess this means that the final Rhino Monkees rerelease will be “Instant Replay”.

I hope Friday music does justice to these rereleases as Rhino has done.

Sure, you could argue with some of what Rhino did, but generally, they took more care with the Monkees’ catalog than any other label has taken with any of its major acts’ rereleases.

via Colgems Records: TGIF-New Monkees Rereleases In May.


One Response to “New Monkees Rereleases In May”
  1. Wizard Glick says:

    Frankly…I think it’s a shame that RHINO is out of the picture. The Mono/Stereo sets are absolutely fab! Sadder still that the last few have been “Limited Edtions” only purchasable online.

    And having seen the “Friday Music” releases , and the weak content , why bother purchasing them? A feeble few “bonus tracks”,previously released. Unappetizing.

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