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Romeo Delight added to the All things that Rock Show and Micky Dolenz Will perform!

November 16, 2014 by  
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Another Pleasant Valley Sunday around the world.
If you have not already seen my 50 posts, I do hope you are reading this one about the HUGE announcement that broke on Friday.
It is true that Micky Dolenz will be singing with Buddy Blanch and Romeo Delight at the All things that Rock show on Saturday November 29. This really cool event I was recruited to help with so you know I will be there Friday and Saturday saying hello to everyone. Today is the last day that Monkees fans can take advantage of the $2.00 savings for each ticket to get in the door to this really cool event. The event runs Black Friday and Saturday at the Oaks Event Center. Micky and Romeo Delight will be performing early afternoon so those who are going to see Peter in NJ at night will have more then enough time to make it to both, that I can guarantee. With the promo code Monkees, it is just 8 bucks to get in either day. See Micky, Kiss’s Peter Criss and so many very cool celebrities that ROCK! In addition to RomeoDelight Van Halen TributeBand, The band Octane will be reuniting as well on Friday. Both bands will also be signing autographs. Get your tickets TODAY!! Let me know that you will be there. So excited.


One Response to “Romeo Delight added to the All things that Rock Show and Micky Dolenz Will perform!”
  1. teddy bear says:

    i love micky dolenz. i wont to marry micky dolenz. i will be tammy dolenz

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