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New FULL TV Series DVD sets Immediate Delivery

October 8, 2011 by  
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Updated: Full Monkees TV Series sets with commentary and extras now available for Immediate Delivery! Please support and order through these links – thanks!


Rhino Home Video released DVD sets for both seasons of The Monkees in 2003. (Currently listed on Amazon for as much as $398 each, ouch!) According to TV Shows on DVD, Shout! Factory will release seasons 1 & 2 on September 27th, at a cost of $69.98 for each season set.

No word so far if these will be combined into a “complete series” set, or what we’ll see in terms of extras. Our retailer contacts inform us, though, that these will possibly be getting released through Shout! Factory, so usually we can count on some sort of bonus material for a show of this magnitude. No promises, though, since the studio (whether it’s Shout! or anybody else) hasn’t formally announced the title to the press.

Amazon already has place holders up!


6 Responses to “New FULL TV Series DVD sets Immediate Delivery”
  1. lennys09 says:

    I got an e.mail from a friend who had heard from a mutual friend in FLA who was doing a gig at a small club near where Davy lives. turns out at the end of their set they found out Davy Jones was in the audience. they actually talked to him & he told them that he was ripped off on this tour. he was given only half the money he was told he’d get. he was undecided when he was talking to them about going on with the tour but i guess he decided to quit. oh well. at least we got to see them but it woulda been nice seeing them a few more times.They never seem to get it right. they had chances since the 1986 reunion to make movies, do Broadway & lots of other stuff but blew it every time. talk about wasted potential & talent. it’s too bad grown men can’t get along & put their differences aside & work together.

  2. monkee26 says:

    The box sets are very worth buying if you like The Monkees, I got mine and it was wonderful! Thanks for releasing the shows and I highly recommend them to all fans. 🙂

  3. Spock says:

    I would like to know first if these episodes are the original episodes and not the ones that they put together for syndication? Such as “Success story” in which they changed the song sung on the beach from “I Wanna Be Free” to “Shades of Gray” a song that was recorded two years after the first airing of the show. I have read several blogs in which fans complained about these changes. Some are like this where the song was changed or most of them are about scenes taken out for time and never put back in. In “Success Story” where Davy is being dragged back to England by his Grandfather, the song on the beach has been changed to “Shades of Gray” but the music played in the background while the boys are saying goodby to Davy is “I wanna Be Free” Please Owners of the Monkee’s Name, put back the episodes to their original condition. Us Baby Boomer’s haven’t lost our memories that bad yet.

  4. Krispy says:

    My mother bought both seasons for my birthday. Best present EVER!
    I’m no baby boomer but us teenagers still love The Monkees! Well me and my best friend do.

  5. wendylwidner1963 says:

    i bought both of these and i love them. I watch them..lots. They are so funny. i little the first time around i watched. My mom says that they were my first favorite show. Whenever they have bee on tv i have watched them. I collected all the records. And finaally i have the shows. It is so fun watching them. I see somehting i missed while laughing the time before.So funny i get to giggling. I think the are a must have for the real fan.

  6. wendylwidner1963 says:

    They are the original episodes.

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