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Remembering Davy Jones

February 27, 2015 by  
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by Fred Velez

There have been three celebrity deaths that have hit me as hard as the deaths of my sister Nancy and my father George. The first was the senseless murder of John Lennon in 1980, hearing the news was like being punched in the face. Then there was the sad passing of George Harrison in 2001 from cancer, fans throughout the world were hoping for the best for him and were very saddened when the news broke.

Then on February 29, 2012 came the shocking news of the unexpected death of Davy Jones. Like John Lennon, it felt like being punched in the face again. What made this news even sadder was that I knew Davy. I had worked with him at Monkees conventions and fan functions and spent a memorable weekend at his home in Beavertown, PA helping with his Mutant Monkees book. I have memories of him at concerts and receiving phone calls from him, precious memories I will always treasure. My friend Charles Rosenay summed it up best when he said the passing of John Lennon and George Harrison was shocking and sad. With Davy, it was much more personal, it felt like a death in the family.

I will remember Davy Jones for the happiness and love he shared with his family, friends and fans. As long as we have his music and the many preserved images of him, Davy will always be with us.

Thanks Mate for the smiles.

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