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Peter Tork Talks About Davy Jones

March 3, 2012 by  
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The REAL Peter Tork (Official)From Peter… regarding Rachel Maddow, 3/3/12

by The REAL Peter Tork (Official) on Saturday, March 3, 2012 at 12:02pm ·
It has been a long time since I’ve done live TV (mostly taped), and I’m just nowhere near as fast on my feet as I’d like to be.

I had hoped to share, in my March 2nd conversation with Rachel, that in the outpouring of grief over Davy’s death (my grief, and the grief in the community), I have been reminded of many things that were unique about our shared experience in The Monkees TV show, as well as our subsequent reunions and dis-unions. The political context of Rachel Maddow’s show seemed a good place to discuss these memories.

When The Monkees first aired, it was the first time on network television (in the days when there were only three networks) that a group of young adults was presented as being in charge of their own lives, without a “wiser” senior adult figure directing or advising them. I’ve spoken of this before. In the wartime tumult of the 60s political and social change it was clear to many of us young adults that a great many figures in authority were not a reliable source of information or direction. Every Monday night, viewers tuned in to watch “four crazy boys” muddle through on their own and come out alright by the end of the half hour. The show was both a benign break from the carnage on the world stage and a reflection of a shift (introduced with The Beatles’ Hard Day’s Night) that we, as a generation, were called to account for our own truths, our own lives, our own destinies.

Regarding Davy’s death, I hoped to touch upon more deeply the richness of our relationship, which covered parts of six decades. A presence, and an absence now, that defies definition. I have yet to find the right words. Perhaps there simply are none, but I want to note that when I said I liked, loved and respected each bandmate in different ratios, it was Davy that I loved most.


Peter T.


2 Responses to “Peter Tork Talks About Davy Jones”
  1. JAZZ4JEFF says:

    Wow, I am so glad Peter tried to share more about his appearance on Rachell Maddow. I was taken back by how un-emotional Peter seemed. I understand now his thoughts and I am glad he took the time to express them. I really think he did not come off well with Rachell.

    All of us know about the up and down relationship within the guys. But at a time of grief, we wanted to hear positive memories. I always want the guys to be happy and positive towards each other. Micky came across so much more emotional, positive and loving in his TV appearances. He looked like we all felt. He dropped the normal “Stick” and really paid a heartfelt tribute to Davy.

    Thank you Peter for helping us understand your appearance. I look forward to more expressions from you on the passing of Davy.

  2. tommygaus says:

    Thank you Peter for your kind words. I watched the Rachel interview a couple of times and could feel your pain at the loss of Davy. You are truly a wonderful soul and I wish you strength and peace during this time of sorrow. Davy will be missed by the millions of us who woke up to Monkees music playing on sunny summer mornings. You are a part of the fabric of my childhood and I will always be grateful for your influence. Your show at the Minnesota Zoological Gardens on a rain shortened night was awesome and I am incredibly glad I had the experience of seeing you, Mickey and Davy still making it happen and having a blast doing it. Take care my friend. Tom

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