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Peg McManus RIP

June 23, 2014 by  
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It is with great sadness that I report that Maggie McManus’ mother Peg passed away the morning of June 22nd, 2014. Peg was a integral part of the Monkees fan family, helping Maggie put together the Monkee Business Fanzine, being involved in the early Monkees Conventions and helping to support the Monkees in all their endeavors.

Peg was a lovely, sweet person and the Monkees and the fans appreciated her. I last saw Peg when she accompanied Maggie to the Monkees New Brunswick concert in 2012. Everyone who knew her loved her very much.

My heart and condolences go out to Maggie at this time and I pray the Lord will bring her comfort. Please keep Maggie in your thoughts and prayers.

God bless you Peg, we love you and we’ll miss you.

With Maggie McManus’ permission, this is the letter Peg McManus wrote to Monkees fans in the final issue of the Monkee Business Fanzine.

Fred Velez, 2014


3 Responses to “Peg McManus RIP”
  1. newsbroad says:

    I am so sorry to hear this and my thoughts are with Maggie. When we were teenagers, we corresponded often about the Monkees — I had a small fan club in Chatham, NJ and made everyone sign up for Maggie’s newsletters!

    I was at the New Brunswick 2012 show and when I heard Maggie was there, I sought her out just to tell her how much I enjoyed the Fanzine all those years ago (this was in the 70s!) and what a great job she did on her book.

    My condolences, Maggie.
    -“newsbroad” (better known as Carol Anne S.)

  2. Teddybear1910 says:

    Hi Sorry to hear about your mom but I did joined Monkees Business Fan as I enjoy to read them as I Still have them. I saved them all years. I pray for Maggie and familes. Love in Christ Karen J. Krohn

  3. monkeeman3 says:

    This is truly sad news. We are all sorry for your loss, Maggie.

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