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Only One More To Go!

September 25, 2013 by  
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I was happy that I got to meet and have my photo taken with
Micky, Davy and Peter back in 2011!!!! I am forever grateful for that! Now
I only need to meet my favorite Monkee, Mike Nesmith!!!! I got to see him
in concert in April of 2013 and he was wonderful! I couldn’t get the
Conversation Reception Passes (meet and greet) because they sold out very
fast! I got tickets to see him on November 8th of 2013 and look forward to
hearing him and seeing him again. Again I tried for the Conversation
Reception Passes but    again they sold out QUICK!!!! I really want to
meet him to say “thank you for all the years of great music and look
forward to the music to come!” And get my photo taken with him! Maybe

senderName :Tammy Mondschein

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