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New MGM Singles Collection of Micky Dolenz

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7A Records are proud to present the first ever reissue of Micky Dolenz’s original MGM Singles. This beautifully packaged limited edition, 180G blue transparent vinyl gatefold set includes all of Dolenz’s original MGM singles.

Micky Dolenz has done an exclusive interview for this project, which is included along with a 12 inch, 12 page booklet featuring extensive liner notes and never before published photos by legendary photographer Henry Diltz.

All recordings have been transferred from the original master tapes, except for two tracks where the original masters could no longer be located. Those recordings have been meticulously restored from the original vinyl issues.

This release is a must-have for any Monkees fan – even if you don’t own a record player!

We interviewed 7A Manager Iain Lee to get the details:

Why put this package together? 

These songs are an overlooked part of Monkees history. They show Micky’s versatility as a songwriter, a musician and also show just how a good his voice has always been! They’ve never been put together in one compilation and have been unavailable for over 40 years. This is a unique opportunity for fans to get all of these tracks in one stunning package.

How supportive has Micky been?

He’s been wonderful although he was more than a little surprised that two fans in the UK were doing this! As he said to the executive producers of this project I am incredibly surprised, and very flattered, and honoured – I am very glad that some of this stuff is being listened to! I liked it, at the time! And I’m glad that other people do. It’s fantastic’

You interviewed Micky, how did that go?

It was great fun. Micky told some incredible stories about the early 70’s, including hanging out with John Lennon, Marc Bolan and other rock legends. He also suggested that Mama Cass could be singing on one of the tunes but this stuff happened over 40 years ago and as Micky says, his memory of the time is ‘…definitely a bit hazy!’  The full text of the interview appears in the gatefold sleeve.

The booklet features several never before seen pics from the legendary rock photographer Henry Diltz, how did that come about?

Rather cheekily, I emailed Henry and his assistant Gary Strobl direct and explained our situation. They were so pleased to hear about this album that they very kindly went through their extensive vaults and sent us a load of pictures that had never been used. Fans will be amazed at the candid shots we managed to get hold of, these photographs are just incredible.

 Will it just be available as a vinyl record?

Once this vinyl run has sold out we will release the album as a digital download. Don’t worry, the 12 page booklet will also be available to download and we are investigating the possibility of bonus tracks.  One definite thing we can promise for the download version is the audio of the interview with Micky, another world exclusive. We are also looking at the feasibility of a CD release.

Will it be available in the US, or just the UK?

7a Records is based in the UK but this is a worldwide release. Keep checking your online retailers and even your local record stores!

What does the name of the label signify?

Monkee fans will get the reference – it’s the spoken intro to Daydream Believer. A very tired Davy Jones asking the producer ‘What number is this Chip?’ to be met by a sarcastic ‘7a!’

What’s next for 7a Records?

More releases connected with The Monkees. We aim to supply material from various Monkees members, as well as those closely connected with them. We are currently talking to various people and sorting out licensing rights.

M.A. Cassata

Entertainment Author

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  1. CDICE007 says:

    Pre-ordered through because it’s not showing up on US Amazon. Hopefully, this thing will sell-out (vinyl) and it will be financially feasible to do a reprint on CD. Fingers crossed.

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