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Monkees Tricked Critics Into Giving Them A Fair Hearing

May 19, 2015 by  
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Monkees-051215The Monkees once tricked their critics into giving them a fair shake by sending out unlabeled CD’s of their music.

Bandmate Mike Nesmith tested a theory the band members had that critics were not giving the band a fair listen because they were labeled as television actors with a very telling experiment involving the Justus project.

“Mike sent out a bunch of unlabeled CDs of that album to a bunch of radio stations and reviewers,” Micky Dolenz remembered. “The unlabeled ones came back with great reviews — about this new garage band! [Laughs.] It’s so funny.”

“Essentially, there were two Monkees groups,” Dolenz says. “One was the Monkees group that was on the television show, that was cast by the producers. I kind of think of it as one Monkees group that was on the television show — the imaginary group, the one that lived in the beach house and had the imaginary adventures.”

Justus, released in 1996, was the final album to include all four original band members.

by RTT Staff Writer

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  1. monkeeman3 says:

    This is so Nesmith…I love this.

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