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Monkees To Tour in Summer 2013

March 31, 2013 by  
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The Monkees are planning to perform a tour of the USA this summer.
Apparently they’re going to play the markets they skipped last time with at least twice as many dates as the last tour. I hope this means you Texas and Florida!
If you want the Monkees to perform in your town, NOW is the time to as your local concert hall manager or concert promotion company to invite The Monkees to come to your town! The last tour was a sell-out so they should be excited to know they are on tour.

Stay tuned to Monkees.Net for all of the latest tour news!


28 Responses to “Monkees To Tour in Summer 2013”
  1. claire says:

    I have a few contacts in the Denver area ( I promote 40 unsigned bands here..with my free company Best 303 Sounds) and I’m getting my feelers out for the bigger decent venues…Red Rocks, Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater(now called Comfort Dental) and also some indoor ones too .. so who would I contact with for definite information when I can secure a venue ..which dates are you aiming for? But I can certainly do alot of leg work for you
    Claire Roberts

    I saw the Monkees in NY and I’m seeing Nez in Boulder on Wednesday 3rd

  2. brad says:

    sorry i don’t have any more specifics for you other than the normal booking agents

  3. anetnut says:

    Come to DALLAS!!!!

  4. ozmonkeeman says:

    How about a world tour and come to Australia !!…. Came halfway around the world for the Monkees convention … Still no Mike !! He toured as the Monkees before the convention now after the convention .. Why wasnt he there for his fans even for 1 day during the convention .. I dont get it ??? I dont think he thinks as much of his fans as his fans think of him or he would have made some sort of effort ..

  5. bas081200 says:

    Please come to Cincinnati!!! I would love to see you guys!!

  6. jjb6523 says:

    All I can say is YEAH and I know you know where Texas is. We haven’t moved it. And if that isn’t possible, how about one of the Native Casinos on the Oklahoma Border……Winstar or Choctaw. I can find those, (my old hubby is Chickasaw). Just come on south darlings.

  7. lyntom says:

    Please, please, please come to the Baltimore area. Would love to see you guys and never have before. A dream come true for a lifelong fan!!!!!!

  8. aolis14umbra says:

    No offence but were not 11 of the dates last year in like less than 2000 seat venues with an overall combined attendance of less than 35k attending? I think everyone needs to know that before making calls to promoters. Selling out 1200-1500 seats should be peanuts for a group that was and is so popular.

  9. brad says:

    i don’t think stadiums will be in the mix but yes – mid sized i would imagine would be appropriate.

  10. mel69rap says:

    Please come to CT, NY or NJ.

  11. 212Green says:

    The word spread fast on Facebook. I’m hoping this will be official soon since I already contacted promotions for the Fox Theater in Detroit. Lol. Various Michigan fans have done the same.

  12. brad says:

    best to contact the venues early if they want to be part of the tour. thanks!

  13. cjhallx says:

    ozmonkeeman: Nez is and was on tour. No one can be two places at once.

  14. sherpart says:

    Please come to Dallas!!! There is still lot of Monkees Fans here!!!! I seen you in 86 and it was great!!!! TEXAS!!!! TEXAS!!!!

  15. brad says:

    yes – they key word being SUMMER! 😉

  16. 212Green says:

    So, there have been various posts on Facebook, including Peter’s, saying that it’s all rumor posted by a “Jackie” and no official tour statement has been made. Thoughts?

  17. jenn328 says:

    Guys, hate to burst your bubble, but did you check the date today?

  18. wend says:

    if that is an April Fools joke it a nasty thing to do to us fans. Peter Torks offical face book page said it was a rumour, I hope thats true rather than a cruel joke

  19. 212Green says:

    Yeah yeah, April Fool’s.

  20. brad says:

    confirmed by two sources.

  21. Richee says:

    Brad, can you provide us with more information on these two sources?

  22. brad says:

    sorry, this is all of the information we have at this time, early news! not everyone is tuned in yet.

  23. davyjoneslover66 says:

    I’m sorry to say, but this reminds me of the convention and not be straight forward with info and a schedule. Why say anything if you can’t validate it? Why would other sites say its not happening? Sorry, just confused. Whatever happens, happens.

  24. brad says:

    no other site has said it is not happening, it is being planned now, we alerted people so they can ask local venues to book the tour and that is all. I’m sure an official announcement will come but when that happens, no dates can be added so it’s better to know early, right?

  25. Janelle12 says:

    The Mountain Winery in Saratoga, California has confirmed one Monkees tour date in August. I’m on the MW e-mail list. It says tickets go on sale next week or so (there’s a pre-sale then an official sale). So, they are touring this summer, and they are returning to some markets they played the last time in addition to new markets (Saratoga is right next door to Cupertino, which they played last fall).

  26. sgripster says:

    Please come to upstate ny Syracuse or Albany ,we miss you guys

  27. mmdpgal says:

    OMG pleeeze come to Massachusetts! Actually, any of the 6 New England states will do!

  28. says:

    I wish The Monkees would tour in Columbus, Ohio this year so I can tell my friend, she would love to see them!!!

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