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Davy Jones on Dr Phil Show Thursday – Nez Concert video

January 18, 2011 by  
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From: Joanne

Was looking at this week’s lineup for Dr. Phil, and according to the
site it says Davy will be on the show Thursday with wife Jessica. I
guess the topic is reality stars, and they will be talking about
arguments that take place because of their 30-year age difference.
Just thought I’d let you guys know.


From: fred

Steve Marinucci’s Beatles Examiner blog has a new interview with
Andrew Sandoval on the recent releases of ‘Head’ through the box set
and the Criterion set. Andrew gives a lot of information on the
releases and confirms that the remastered DVD of ‘Head’ won’t be
released separately from the Criterion set. A very good read.

Fred V.


From: Jan

For us Vintage Babes

–My penguin was not Peter Tork

“The hand is not quicker than the eye; it is cleverer”–Silvertip the Magic=
(Colman Ezkovich)

Torked-Up=97My Generation

My Generation pays a visit to rock-and-roll legend Peter Tork.,AA=


From: Duane

Sampling the Monkees:


From: Maggie

Looks like the Monkees are back on the air on weekends in 2011 on new
classic TV network AntennaTV which is being added to some cable
systems but is widely available as an over-the-air digital subchannel.
(For example, I’m watching it on channel 17.2 in Philadelphia on an
old antenna TV equipped with a digital converter box.) AntennaTV
debuted Jan. 1, 2011, with the Monkees’ return scheduled for this
coming weekend, late Friday and Saturday nights and also Saturday and
Sunday afternoons.

Schedule for the first Quarter of 2011 is here:

Current list of affiliates is here:

And also, in the list of other shows that AntennaTV has access to for
the future is Circus Boy, not on the schedule for the first quarter of
2011 but perhaps we can expect to see it this year.

How convenient that the show should get a national rebroadcast just
when the guys are talking about touring together again!

Happy New Year.

maggie in nj


Michael Nesmith recorded Videoranch 3D live acoustic set in Austin

Pioneering country rock singer and acclaimed songwriter Michael
Nesmith visited Austin, Texas on December 18, 2010 to perform live for
a virtual reality concert watched by thousands of music fans
worldwide. Videoranch 3D is the name of the website Nesmith owns where
a variety of rock and roll music by various artists is performed
several times a year.

Michael Nesmith played an hour long acoustic set in the afternoon
during the Videoranch 3D season finale. His set list included many fan
favorites: “Papa Gene’s Blues” from The Monkees’ first album, “The
Crippled Lion,” “Thanks for the Ride,” “Rays” from his latest album,
“Calico Girlfriend,” “Nine Times Blue,” “Little Red Rider,” “Joanne,”
a solo single he released after the Monkees’ split that peaked at #21
on the Billboard Top 40 in 1970, “Some of Shelly’s Blues,” “Wisdom Has
Its Way,” and “Harmony Constant.”

Article includes link to videos of the rehearsal where nez sings my
favorite monkees song Tapioca Tundra. The actual performance was
green-screen and had a fancy concert hall backdrop.


New video of Nez amd Jason at 2010 awards ceremony


Nez 2010 Awards Speech:


Peter Tork admires Susan Boyle

When Monkees bassist Peter Tork heard that Susan Boyle had covered the
prefab four’s ’60s pop hit ‘Daydream Believer,’ his first reaction
was, “Good for her.” Tork tells Popeater that he has nothing but
admiration for Boyle and her unusual story. “Can you imagine? You wait
and you wait and you wait, and it’s way past the time anyone else has
ever got famous, and boy! Her first appearance was breathtaking. I was
so impressed. What resonance. A great resonance. Yeah!” he says
applauding the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ sensation.

Tork, born Peter Thorkelson, performs sporadically these days. Earlier
this year, he was involved in a musical theater piece called ‘Carny
Knowledge: A Sideshow Extravaganza,’ in Cambridge, Mass. The show was
written and organized by Tork’s brother, Nick, a Boston-based
cartoonist and artist. The Tork brothers played in the Carny Band, a
neo vaudevillian jug band. Tork’s Shoe Suede Blues project keeps him
active, too. Might the brothers hit the road? “I have not heard a word
about that. I doubt it, but anything’s possible.”


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