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Monkees.Net Grand Re-Opening Contest Winners!

May 21, 2011 by  
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Congratulations to the 70+ winners!

From: Alexis Rigby

So I woke up to find I had won a copy of The Monkees Present from the contest. Its pretty neat! The case is cracked but the CD is fine 🙂 Thanks guys!

From: TeresainTexas

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that the prize arrived today (Changes cd). Thank you so much and love the new website! Teresa

From: Bonnie

Thank you so much for the Monkees “patch”! What a pleasant surprise!

From: Mike Thomas

Hey Brad! Thanks so much for the CD. It was a nice surprise to find Changes in my mailbox today. I forgot I even entered the contest! Keep up the good work! Mike

From: Kathryn Horan

I was so excited when I got your package in the mail today! The book looks like a lot of fun and I’m so excited to have won–I never win anything! Thank you so much.

From: IndyMike

Was surprised today to learn I received “The Monkees Present” re-release CD. Thanks a bunch!

From: Sarah (RegionalGirl137)

Just letting you know I got my CD today. Thanks a bunch!!! Your site is great! Love the re-launch! Wonderful job!

From: barbara scott

I just wanted to let you know that I received my prize of the Monkees Monthly April 67 issue. Thanks for sending it to me. I am looking forward to seeing Micky, Peter and Davy in a couple of weeks when they come to Cincinnati. Again thanks for the prize.

From: Kyle Gray Young

Hey Brad- Long time no speak. Thanks so much for the contest goodie. It’s a July ’67 edition of “Monkees Monthly”. Is this an original printing? It’s totally cool… I’ve never had one of these before. I greatly appreciate it. It’s nice to see the Monkees’ “original home” is revamped so nicely. Keep up the great work.

From: Janet

I came home from work to find a that I was one of the winners of your contest! I was very excited & delighted to find that I won a Monkees Monthly! Thank you very much. It arrived in perfect condition to a first generation grateful fan! I love your new & improved site & I an anxiously awaiting to see the Monkees in June! Thank you again!

From: Larry Lapka (LarryColgems)

Thanks for the prize. I received it in the mail today. By the way, for the past few years, I have run a Colgems blog, called, appropriately enough, the Colgems Blog. I talk about everything Colgems, not just the Monkees. Please visit at Larry Lapka

From: Gina

My mint Monkees Monthly prize arrived safely the other day. Thank you.

From: Helen Pantuso

Brad, got the Eric Lefkowitz book yesterday. Thanks so much! I was planning on buying it so your timing was perfect! I love the quarters – on a funny note, mine came with 2 Mike’s and no Micky LOL! If you hear of anyone who got 2 Micky and no Mike let me know and I’ll arrange a trade! Again, thanks for the prize!

From: Nancy Stafford

Aloha! Mahalo Nui for the July 1967 Monkees Monthly book! This book was published the month/year I turned ten years old. That is so cool! Thank you so much, Nancy Stafford

From: Diane Rarick

Hey there… I wanted to let you know I received my surprise prize of the Monkees magazine. Thanks so much… I never win 🙂

From: Gerianne Jensen

Hey Brad, Just wanted to let you know I received my Monkees iron on patch. Thanks! wheelwinner

From: Cynthia Summey

Just a quick note to say I received my patch. Thank you so much – loved the contest, the patch, and the updated site.


Stay tuned for more contests and fun from Fan Club!


4 Responses to “Monkees.Net Grand Re-Opening Contest Winners!”
  1. JAZZ4JEFF says:

    Thanks, Brad!. I loved my Monkees monthly magazine. It was very cool of you to sponsor this contest. Welcome back and lets look forward to the 45th tour in the states. (can it be 45 years for us 1st generation fans? Geez we’re old!)

  2. NJ-jo says:

    Thank you so much for the patch, Brad. Finding that in my mailbox made my day. Keep up the good work.

  3. hspan says:

    Yesterday I went to my mailbox and found a copy of Michael Nesmith’s Total Control Autobiography! Thanks so much! Had been wanting to pick up the book for a while (and will add it to Davy & Mickey’s books!) Looking forward to seeing the guys in NYC next month! Thanks again 🙂 Hilary (hspan)

  4. ChrisTheC says:

    Hi Brad. Thanks, I enjoyed reading the issue of Monkees Monthly! What a cool way to kickoff the relaunch of an awesome website. I first joined up in ’94 or ’95 and what a great ride. Thanks again.

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