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Monkees’ Dolenz hasn’t lost his passion for performing

September 16, 2011 by  
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Show business is in Micky Dolenz’s blood.

The son of actors George Dolenz and Janelle Johnson, Dolenz, 66, has been a professional entertainer since he scored a gig on the television show “Circus Boy” in 1956.

“It was always natural for me to perform,” he says. “That goes as a child and as an adult.”

“The Monkees,” the television show about an imaginary rock group going to imaginary places, made stardom a reality for Dolenz in 1966.

The appeal of the short-lived sitcom, which aired for just three seasons on NBC, is long-lasting.

It wasn’t apparent at the time, but the Monkees offered something different for viewers. Part of that was Dolenz’s voice, which fellow Monkee Mike Nesmith once said was the element that made the act sound distinctive.

Dolenz, who will perform a free show Sunday at Parx Casino, belted out some of the group’s greatest hits, such as “Pleasant Valley Sunday,” “Mary Mary” and “I’m a Believer.”

“I still love singing those songs,” Dolenz says. “They are well-constructed songs that still connect with people today. I’m not surprised that they still hold up. There were many terrific Monkees songs.”

Dolenz offers the familiar cuts solo, as well as every few years when he tours with the Monkees, who hit the road during the summer.

“It’s an absolute joy,” he says. “We each love it for different reasons.”

A big reason is the music, which continues to sell.

“The songs keep getting passed down,” Dolenz says. “Kids get them from their parents. It’s a wonderful thing. Those songs weren’t just a blip on the radar. We were far from a one-hit wonder.”

Indeed. The Monkees sold more than 50 million albums.

“That’s a lot to be proud of,” Dolenz says. “When we started the show, nobody would have ever believed that we would be so successful. We were that successful, and so when I perform, I certainly have songs to sing that people know and love. For that, I’ll always be grateful.”

During the Monkees performance at the Borgata in June, Dolenz proved he still has considerable energy and a rapier-sharp wit as he engaged the crowd throughout the performance.

“I’ve always loved getting up in front of an audience and that hasn’t changed,” he says. “That’s so whether I’m with the Monkees or solo.”

Micky Dolenz appears Sunday at Parx Casino, 3001 Street Road, Bensalem. Show time: 5 p.m. Admission: free. Information: 888-588-7279 ;

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    I’m on myspace as MickyDolenzWica.And my winning picture is in my blog.My actuall name is Shawna Watson.And I’m a lady not a man.I t feels so good to try to do good deeds and be a Good Witch.I love you Micky Dolenz.And like I said baby I want to meet you in the flesh.

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