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Monkees Davy Jones: Mike Nesmith Had “Ulterior Motives”

July 14, 2011 by  
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Davy Jones says Mike Nesmith had “ulterior motives” while he was in The Monkees. Jones tells when the “made-for-TV” band made a play for more control early on, Mike led the charge. Jones explains Nesmith “had the B-side of every single (the band) did.” Davy adds that Mike showed less interest in his acting for the TV show. He claims Nesmith never really put “100 percent into the marriage.” All that said, Davy admits in the past when he has been asked about Monkees reunions, he has wanted Nesmith along for the ride. Eventually, Jones says he realized Mike was never going to “stand on stage and be Mike Nesmith of The Monkees.” Earlier this year, The Monkees’ surviving members — minus Nesmith — toured through the UK. It was a celebration of the 45th anniversary of the debut of “The Monkees” on NBC in 1966.

via Monkees Davy Jones: Mike Nesmith Had “Ulterior Motives”.

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