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Monkees Convention March 14-16 2014 New Jersey

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Then and Now Events Presents

Michael Nesmith will join Micky Dolenz for the

2014 Monkees Convention

For Monkees Fans, this is 49 years in the making! Be a part of history as Michael Nesmith joins Micky Dolenz for his FIRST ever Monkee Convention being held at the Hilton Meadowlands in NJ March 14, 15 and 16th of 2014.

Promoters Phyllis Paganucci and Jodi Blau Ritzen of Then and Now Events have announced that not only will Michael Nesmith be joining Micky Dolenz at the convention, he will also be performing his new show Movies of the Mind Saturday March 15 at 9pm. Tickets are available on

This magical weekend will include performances from Micky Dolenz, Coco Dolenz, Christian Nesmith and Circe Link, Jonathan Nesmith, Jessica Nesmith.  Actress Ami Dolenz will be signing copies of her new children’s book and answering a Q and A along with her sisters artist and photographer Emily Dolenz and Micky’s youngest daughter actress and business partner in Dolenz & Daughters Fine Furniture Georgia Dolenz.

With all of their families in attendance, The Monkees will also be presented with their awards of induction into the American Pop Music Hall of Fame as voted on by the fans late last year. No celebration would be complete without a special tribute to the late and great Davy Jones.

Other guests of the convention who will be greeting fans and signing autographs will be Butch Patrick, Donna Loren, Valerie Venet, Henry Diltz, Gary Stroble, Gary DeCarlo, Geri Reischel, May Pang, Larry Storch, Beatles Artist Shannon, David and Jennifer Alexander, The Monkeemobile and more.

Along with incredible performances from Buddy Blanc’s Romeo Delight with special guest Micky Dolenz, Coco Dolenz will perform, Circe Link performing a full show, Jonathan Nesmith with members of The Outerspaces and Mother of Winter, The Characters, The Frodis Capers, The Monkeephiles, The 1910 Fruit Gum Co, you can look forward to singing late into the night with fan favorites of last year The Blue Meanies.  Sunday we are excited to present Britton Payne’s off-broadway show Here We Come~A Monkee Parody.  This show has gotten rave reviews from all who have attended its performances.

There are sure to be surprise performances as well with a lineup of legends like this.

There will be meet and greets opportunities with all of our guests.

A Monkees Memorabilia Market Place will be open as well.

For tickets to the convention and for the tickets to the Movies of the Mind Show starring Michael Nesmith (a limited engagement) and hotel information please visit and for updates you can check out the facebook page Monkees Convention.

Note: As of now Monkee Peter Tork has a conflicting schedule and is not set to appear.

A very special thanks to our sponsor, John Rose, owner of Cella Bagels, Sky Tan and Jazz Audio located  1198 Middle Country Rd., Selden, New York 11784 (631) 320-1213.

Jodi Blau Ritzen

Jodi and Phyllis
Monkees Convention 2014
March 14, 15 and 16th
Sheraton Meadowlands
Be There or Be Square


Updated 01/18/2014


Hey Hey,
This is just a preliminary agenda of the weekend of the convention. This does NOT include all the Q and A’s or the bands. This is an idea of when the big things are happening. Please note that we are starting the shows earlier due to the amount of entertainment lined up. PLEASE understand performances can change but not altered to a different day.

Friday March 14, 2014
Registration will start at 1pm
Vendor Room will Open at 3pm for VIP 4pm for General Admission.
Ballroom will open at 4pm with entertainment.
6pm Introduction
6:15 Nez Q and A
7:45 Buddy Blanc and Romeo Delight with Special Guest Micky Dolenz will perform.
9:15 Circe Link and Christian Nesmith along with their band take the stage for a full concert.

Saturday March 15, 2014
For those who hold the VIP Brunch ticket, that will be 10:00 to 11:30am.
Registration 10am
Vendor Room will open at 10am for VIP and 11am for General Admission.
Ballroom will open at 12
12:15 Ceremony for the Induction to the American Pop Music Hall of Fame
Things on Saturday to look forward to….
Micky Dolenz Q & A , Dolenz Daughters Q & A, performances by Jonathan Nesmith performing songs from Mother of Winter and The Outer Spaces along with his band and Jessica Nesmith. Coco Dolenz will perform and in the evening Movies of Mind at 9:30.

Sunday March 16, 2014
You can expect Q & A’s from the Nesmith family, Circe and Christian will perform, Here we Come stage show, Tribute to Davy, Rare never seen before videos, and special surprises.

All guests WILL be signing autographs all three days. Professional photo ops will be available as well. There will be performances and Q & A’s with the special celebrities throughout the weekend.
We hope this will help in deciding which if not all the days you would like to attend the convention.
VIP is only available on line while limited supplies last.
Movies of the Mind is selling out quickly as this holds only 1000 people total.

There will be sign ups for autographs and photos to avoid lines over the next few weeks.
To ensure you have tickets, please order at the official website

Next week, even more surprises await all of you.
Be apart of the Monkumental weekend, one that you will NEVER forget.

Q&A 01/18/2014:

Well Facebook has blocked us from responding to emails. If you have questions, please send them to

Please read the schedule before you ask us questions that have been answered already. We try to answer every email but are averaging now 500 plus a day.

So to answer some of the frequently asked questions.

1. Yes Micky Dolenz and Nez are there all three days along with all of the guests.
2. They do charge for autographs but we don’t control that so we do not know.
3. Yes you can get as many things autographed as you like.
4. Yes you can get your photos with Micky and Nez as well as all of our guests.
5. Yes there is assigned seats for those holding a VIP pass.
6. No VIP will Not be sold at the door.
7. Yes Movies of the Mind is almost sold out and will NOT be sold at the door.
8. Yes the Characters, Monkeephiles, Frodis Capers, Blue Meanies, 1910 Fruit Gum Co will be performing through out the weekend. When we have not solidified due to the amount of entertainment that has been announced and some that have not been announced yet.
9. Will there be sign ups for autographs and professional photo ops? YES in the next few weeks.
10. The event is not over at a certain time. Figure midnight.
11. Yes there is food at the hotel.
12. No there are no pets at this hotel. Though it is a Monkees Convention, that doesn’t mean animals. Call the hotel for information.
13. Is the hotel sold out? Call (201) 896-0500
14. Where can you buy tickets? At the
15. What kind of coffee machines do they have in the rooms? For questions like this and how many thread count the sheets are please call the hotel. (you can laugh but this is real.)
16. Are there more announcements coming? YES
17. Why is Peter not coming? It aint over yet, we are still working on this.
18. YES you must wear clothes at the hotel. (ok a joke)
Please read the schedule, please go to the website, please call the hotel. If you questions still are not answered, feel free to contact Jodi Lyn or Phyllis Friedman Paganucci. Remember if you didn’t hear it from us, it is just a rumor.

Now go purchase your tickets to the greatest event ever in Monkees History.

Jodi and Phyllis

01/22/2014 update:

New Guest announcements……………..…….!
First we are very excited to announce Rachel Lichtman! Rachel Lichtman, the talented director who put together the video show for last year’s Monkees concert tour, has a new project: an amazing documentary about Monkees songwriters Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart!

Second we are VERY excited to announce………………….………….
Andrew Sandoval! Sandoval wrote the 2005 book The Monkees: The Day-by-Day Story of the 60s TV Pop Sensation. Mojo magazine said this work was, “…The only Monkees book you need…Essential reading and a poignant primer in how the template was set for today’s shooting stars…as close as you’ll get to the official word…an engaging document of one of the ’60s most important phenomena.”

Last but NOT LEAST…Phyllis Friedman Paganucci and Jodi Blau Ritzen are beyond EXCITED, THRILLED AND OVER THE TOP About announcing the LEGENDARY BOBBY HART!
In late 1965, they wrote, produced and performed the soundtrack to the pilot of The Monkees, including singing lead vocals (which were later replaced, once the show was cast). In 1966, despite some conflicts with Don Kirshner, who was the show’s musical supervisor, they were retained in essentially the same role. It was Boyce and Hart who wrote, produced and recorded (with the help of their band, the Candy Store Prophets) backing tracks for a large portion of the first season of The Monkees, and the band’s accompanying debut album.
The Monkees themselves re-recorded their vocals over Boyce and Hart’s when it came time to release the songs, including both “(Theme from) The Monkees” and “Last Train to Clarksville,” the latter of which was a huge hit. Kirshner suddenly relieved Boyce and Hart as producers, by claiming they were using studio time booked for Monkees songs to record tracks for their own solo project.

After their departure from the Monkees, and the negative publicity that erupted when word got out that the band hadn’t played the instruments on their early records, Boyce and Hart were unsure how the Monkees felt about them personally. Attending one of their concerts, though, the duo were spotted in the audience, and singer Davy Jones invited them onstage, to introduce them: “These are the fellows who wrote our great hits — Tommy and Bobby!” Every original Monkees album (except for the Head soundtrack) included Boyce and Hart songs.


Updated 02/12/2014

Autograph and Professional Photo Op Schedule

*Very Important to note, being a VIP ticket holder will get you in autograph lines 1 hour ahead of the General Admission ticket holders.  Tickets for Autographs will be available at the con.  Professional Photo Ops are available on the Home Page and the Guest page of this site.

*If you are a General Admission ticket holder, you can upgrade to VIP on the ticket page.


Show opens at 1:00 pm
Nesmith and Dolenz autograph tickets go on sale at 1:00 pm
2:00-2:30  Dolenz & Nesmith Dual Professional Photo-Op
2:30-3:30  Michael Nesmith solo Professional Photo-Op
2:30-3:30  Micky Dolenz autograph signing
3:30-4:00  Micky Dolenz Professional Photo-Op
3:30-5:30  Michael Nesmith Autograph Signing
4:00-5:00  Micky Dolenz autograph signing
Show opens at 10:00 am
Nesmith and Dolenz autograph tickets go on sale at 10:00 am
1:00-1:30  Dolenz & Nesmith Dual Professional Photo-Op
1:30-2:30  Michael Nesmith solo Professional Photo-Op
1:30-3:00  Micky Dolenz Autograph Signing
2:30-5:00  Michael Nesmith Autograph Signing
3:00-3:30  Micky Dolenz Professional Photo-Op
5:30-7:30  Micky Dolenz Autograph signing with fans
Show opens at 10:00 am
Nesmith and Dolenz autograph tickets go on sale at 10:00 am
10:45-11:15  Dolenz & Nesmith Dual Professional Photo-Op
11:15-12:00  Michael Nesmith solo Professional Photo-Op
11:15-12:30  Micky Dolenz autograph signing
12:00 – 2:00  Michael Nesmith autograph signing
12:30 – 1:00  Micky Dolenz Professional Photo-Ops
 1:00 – 2:30  Micky Dolenz autograph signing
Monkees Convention 2014

March 14, 15 and 16th
Sheraton Meadowlands
Be There or Be Square


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