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Monkees Convention by Emcee

March 11, 2013 by  
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From: Barry Hruby

I first want to say, what an honor it was to have worked at the David T. Jones Memorial/Monkees Convention as one of the Emcees. Thanks to Phyllis and Charles and Jodi for having faith in me, having not known me prior to this event. I wanted to give my perspective and insights to the convention, so that all sides are known by everyone. I have worked many many fundraisers and concerts and celeb events before in the past, nothing in this magnitude however.

There is never, ever a perfect event. There are always “glitches” and bumps in the road for the organizers and they do the best they can with whats given to them and that also includes the weather (thankfully enough, Davy was looking over the event these 3 days). One of my first tasks as Emcee was to run the Q&A with Miss Donna Loren, Arlene Martel and Mr. Butch Patrick. The room was full, unlike other shows and conventions this room was full. The fans asked great questions, the celebs gave great answers and told many wonderful stories about David, the Monkees and their time on the tv show. I as the emce was grateful for the experience and everyone’s cooperation, and not one shoe or piece of fruit or vegetable was thrown at this emcvee while on stage.

My next experience was to introduce my good friends the 1910 Fruitgum Company and Mr. Ron Dante (The Archies, The Cufflinks) on Saturday evening. Very few know that Mr. Dante’s mother was hspitalized while during the convention and it was 50/50 whether he would perform. Bewtween good reports from his family on his mothers condition and myself and the 1910 Fruitgum Company talking to him Ron, stated he felt he could perform his set and then leave and all would be well. Things did not go as planned and my promise to him that he would perform first , did not happen, for that i am very sorry Mr. Dante, but the show went on and the 1910 Fruitgum Company and Mr. Dante played a great set of music. My next task would have been to have emcee’d the Deena Martin/Jerry Blavat segment on sunday but as everyone is aware of Mr. David Caasidy ran late. I spoke to Deena the night before and was made aware that she would have to leave early but she would try to make an appearance if possible on sunday (as you all know that did not happen) Jerry Blavat did not even show to the event to my knowledge as was a shame.

Iwas prepared not only to ask good questions of both abou their appearance on the Monkees tv show, but about Deena having worked with her father on his show and about Blavats 45 single with the Geator and the “Geatorettes” My last task was the most enjoyable for me as i ws allowed to assist Charles Rosenay for the Auction to raise money for the David t Jones Equinine Fund. Its always great to meet new people and work alongside celebs with heart, but to help raise money for such a great cause and give back to a man who gave so much to me as a fan of his music and the Monkees tv show watching it every day on tv and for that brief time escaping from the sometimes uglieness of reality. i felt like the very least i could do was to give back in some little way and the organizers alowed me to. Thanks Ladies and gentlemen. This ride was a fun one. Short but it wil lalways be remembered, and to you Monkees fans out there, that went to the convention, it was an honor to be there for you, to meet you, maybe just pass by you as i probably did, appearing as a crazy person,and saying hi. I hope everyone had a great time and your experience here in East Rutherford will last with you forever.

I dont know what the future will bring, i do hear of a convention out west, i wish the organizers much sucess in their future endeavors. if they have something like this again the New Jersey area , i hope they know they can call on me. Remember Monkkes fans, to always take some time out for yourselves to Monkee around. It was fun. Thanks Organizers, Thanks Fans and especially THANK YOU DAVID!!

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