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Announcement: Monkees Alert Newsletter

April 29, 2010 by  
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TheĀ Monkees Alert Newsletter has been running since June 1997 sending out timely Monkees news by E-Mail to people who wanted “just the facts” and did not want to join the full discussion at the Monkees Mailing List. You can join the list at this page.

These are the archives of this news in incredible detail – search till your fingers turn blue!


3 Responses to “Announcement: Monkees Alert Newsletter”
  1. desilu1977 says:

    I was on another monkees website with current pics of the concerts and saw one of Davy , and it was of him and his new wife , my comment has to do with Davy having his wife inn the show with him , the way I see it “and a lot of other fans do” I/We came to see the monkees not wives of the monkees. you don’t see Micky parading his wife on stage . and if Peter were married I don’t think he would be doing this either. that just takes the purpose of the whole show. Davy is trying to put the lattino flair in a show that should not have it to begin with. They are the monkees and need to keep their personal obsessions at home. back in 1999 I went to see the teen idols tour and Micky performed with his sister but that is differnt because she’s his sister , there is a diference in blood relations performing together and trying to parade your wife/husband around a show that was on way before she was born. not that I have anything against Davy’s love for her but COME ON MAN (lol NFL Joke) I myself and married to a mucician who is 22 years older than me and was performing years before I was born (I was born the same year as Davy’s wife 1977 and my husband was born in 1955) but I would not want to change my husband’s show because I may feel threatened by his female audience. which is the way I see she is feeling. and Davy should have the respect for his fans to leave her out of the monkees shows.

  2. intosummerwithmonkees255 says:

    Davy’s Wife is just waiting to get money! I mean its obvious 1 She young, pretty, and skinny. 2 she’s 30 years older than he is. I just hope she does love him. I love Davy (as an idol) and I dont want him to get hurt:{

  3. AL says:

    Unbelievable the 50th anniversary and No Nesmith wow.

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