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[monkees-alert] Monkees Tour Cancellation

August 8, 2011 by  
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We have heard from Pollstar that all remaining Monkees reunion dates

have been cancelled:

We have confirmed two dates cancelled for sure:

Reunion Tour 08/26/11 Westbury, NY CANCELLED

Reunion Tour 08/28/11 Hampton Beach, NH CANCELLED

Call your venue for the dates near you. Show status will be updated on

our Current Tour category as news comes in:


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2 Responses to “[monkees-alert] Monkees Tour Cancellation”
  1. Redsall says:

    What is the reason for cancelling the Cleveland show. I was looking forward to seeing the monkees perform this would of been my first show. I was taken my handicap brother he was all excited that we had tickets for center section 5th row from the stage.

  2. intosummerwithmonkees255 says:

    I mean come on, what happened did they get in to a fight, did they get tired of doing the tour! They need to stop thinking about them selfs and think about the fans!!!!!

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