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Davy On Dr. Phil – Monkees FBI Files

June 22, 2011 by  
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Welcome to the Monkees.Net Alert Newsletter!

From: Gail

Davy on DR. Phil

Davy Jones & his wife Jessica on Dr. Phil on Friday. It’s a rerun of

the show for those who missed it.


The Monkees.Net Grand Re-launch was a big success, we’d like to thank

all of the winners – some of whom sent us feedback which can be seen

below. Thanks for your support!


From: Fred V.

The BBC Radio 4 documentary on the Monkees is now available to hear.


FBI Releases files on The Monkees


Check out the new All Monkees TV Channel at Monkees.Net – updated all

the time with new clips!


Vault Sessions Presents Peter Tork April 2011

Live video performance by peter solo


From: Robbie White

July issue of Uncut magazine has an article on the making of “Randy Scouse Git”.


Time Change Monkees on AntennaTV

Saturdays, starting June 4, the morning line-up remains intact with

Totally Tuned In and the E/I programs from 7am-1pm. Gidget, The Flying

Nun, The Monkees and The Partridge Family all move back an hour going

from 2pm-5pm to 1pm-4pm, because Too Close for Comfort will move from

1pm to the 5pm hour. At 6pm will now be Sanford & Son, instead of

Maude, while 7pm on Saturdays will also be Good Times now like on

weekdays, instead of the Saturday All in the Family. Primetime will

still feature an encore of Benny Hill from 8pm-11pm and an encore of

The Three Stooges from 11pm-2am. Like Good Times at 7pm, Hazel gets to

keep its weekday 2am slot here as well instead of The Monkees. Movies

remain from 3am-7am.

And finally onto Sundays starting June 5, it’s a black and white block

starting at 7am through 12pm! The Three Stooges will be replaced from

7am-10am with an episode each of Burns & Allen, Father Knows Best,

Dennis the Menace and Hazel until 9am. Then from 9am-12pm, we have two

episodes of Circus Boy at 9am, The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin at 10am,

and the western Iron Horse at 11am, as all three join the schedule at

last! Hazel is replaced in the 12 noon hour by Here Come the Brides,

which moves up an hour from 1pm. The 1pm-8pm line-up will be the same

as Saturdays: Gidget, The Flying Nun, The Monkees, The Partridge

Family, Too Close for Comfort andGood Times. The 8pm-10pm line-up will

be the same as Mon-Thurs as we get the classic ’70s sitcoms Maude and

All in the Family. From 10pm-12am it is the nighttime soap…Soap,

replacing the Sunday airings of Married…with Children and The Nanny.

At 12am, Too Close for Comfort remains but the sitcoms go into the

night on Sundays as well with an hour of Burns & Allen at 1am and

Hazel seven days a week at 2am. Late movies follow.


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