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Davy Chat and Interviews – Monkees Marathon

March 1, 2012 by  
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Hey Monkees Fans

Well it’s been a tough 24 hours for all of us – we lost Monkee Number
One – the man who defined The Monkees, is suddenly not able to
entertain is as he loved to do.

I heard about Davy when i got a call in my voice mail from an LA radio
station, as i had just gotten off a 12 hour flight from Hong Kong and
was waiting for my connection in San Francisco airport. After being
awake during the entire flight and dealing with the jetlag, i had
found out that just one hour after the announcement, my web server at
Monkees.Net had crashed due to extreme volume of 60,000% over normal
traffic. There sure are a lot of fans out there!

I then stayed up all night with my techs working on a solution that
would let the web site continue running in the face of this huge
amount of traffic and we fould a solution and the site is now back
online – but what a long night it was, especially since i am quite
upset by the news myself.

The Monkees had the first record i ever got as a kid, i loved the TV
show on Saturday morning TV, and the first record i ever purchased was
by Michael Nesmith. They have played a huge part in my life and i hope
to keep the fans connected with my work.

I hope the fans can revisit the web site and share their thoughts in
our comments feature and let us all know how they are dealing with the

Here are some more news items and tributes, we will continue to keep
you updated – thanks for beinga fan!


Davy Jones Memorial Chat – Tonight 9pm EST

#Monkees on Dalnet

if you need an IRC client, go here:
download – install- and choose a Dalnet server from the folders in the
left hand column before connecting. Once connected, you’ll be asked to
enter a room name- the room name is #Monkees


Hey, friends, check this out: Antenna TV — that interesting
oldies-but-goldies network that WPIX launched — will do a marathon of
“The Monkees” this Saturday. It’ll also air “Head.” “Head!” Who
remembers “Head?!” It was the Monkees big screen ’68 effort and was
co-written by, of all people, Jack Nicholson (and Bob Rafelson, who
went on to help produce classics like “Five Easy Pieces”).

Here it is, straight from the WPIX website:

Antenna TV, which airs on 60 affiliates across the U.S. reaching 58%
of TV households, will honor Davy Jones and The Monkees beginning with
a special airing of “Head” (1968) at 1 p.m. ET on Saturday, March 3rd.
Antenna TV will also air a complete 58-episode marathon of The Monkees
on Saturday, beginning at 5 p.m. ET, and running straight through to
Sunday, March 4th with an encore airing of “Head” at 10 p.m. ET.


I am the host of Milling About on Blogtalk Radio. Here is my tribute
to Davy Jones. Feel free to post this link to your site:

Milling About


Just a quick note to convey that I appreciate the Davy Jones tributes
on your site , very well done. Davy touched many lives and has been
part of our landscape and musical heritage for decades.

I became friendly with Davy through a series of interviews on the

Our discussions were always candid, detailed, and covered just about
everything; including music, family, friends, politics, horses, and of
course our mutual love for pop culture.

At times we would plan 30 minutes … and run over 2 hours. He was
generous, quick , always over-delivered, and a delight.

The consumate performer, he once quipped that when the refrigerator
door light came on …. he would instinctively do 20 minutes.

We have re-run excerpts of my last interview with Davy today on
www.americanproject.TV which covers his personal life back to his days
as a child actor on the British soap Cornation Street, his truly
fascinating journey.

I think your readers may enjoy enjoy his sincerity. Feel free to post
this is a permanent link:

I now smile when I scroll by his contact info in my iPhone, David will
be missed by many.

Michael Allen
Editor- in- Chief


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