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Happy Thanksgiving and What is Happening in Monkee Land

Hey Hey,


The internet has been down so I need to fill everyone in on what is happening in the next week!



Want to get a JUMP on your holiday shopping? Look at the two holiday specials from Micky Dolenz.

Available ONLY through the convention site. These two offers END on November 27. Check them out for the Monkees lover on your holiday gift giving list.…/products/show/5427947

The All things that Rock Show is on Friday and Saturday.

Check out the website to all the cool guests that will be there.  Of course, Micky Dolenz and Peter Criss from Kiss are the headliners.

On Saturday November 29 Micky will be joining Romeos Delight on stage at 12:30.

Tickets are just 10 dollars.  I have a new code if you want to save 2 bucks on each ticket.  When you go on the website

enter the code KISS and you will save instantly.

8 dollars and all the incredible vendors and guests is awesome but seeing Micky sing and Romeo Delight, OMG even Better. If you are going, I will be there

both Friday and Saturday as I am handling the celebrities.  Make sure you look for me and say hello.  (No I will NOT be wearing a Santa Hat so don’t look for a little person walking around with one)


Saturday is Monkee Day around these parts and Peter will be performing with Shoe Suede Blues at the Man Cave.

Tickets are limited.  If you are interested, check out


Mickys Christmas Show….

Another order for tickets to Micky Dolenz Christmas show goes in tomorrow. To save you ticket and seat on the bus, please order ASAP.

I have just 6 seats left on the bus. Don’t need the bus? You can also purchase tickets without.

As part of the trip, Micky will be doing a special photo with all of us who are coming through this trip and everyone attending the show will be able to get ONE signed item free when he is at the merch table.…/products/show/5300937


Hey Hey, Have A Micky Christmas hats are running low. Not too many left. We are all going to be wearing them for the Christmas Show that Micky Dolenz is doing on Dec 12.

Did you order yours? I will be bringing them with me and giving them out then but if you cannot make it, Shipping is FREE.
Get yours while they are available. Everyone who orders WILL be getting a set of the Monkees Bracelets as well.  This is a great gift for yourself or another Monkees fan.…/products/show/5370397


Don’t forget we will be shooting a video for Fred Velez’s song Christmas is my time of Year at the Artquest on Dec 12 prior to Mickys show.  All of you are welcome to be in it.

We take the stage at 7:30pm.  We are all encouraged to wear the Micky Santa hat so order yours and I will bring them with.

If you have not purchased Fred’s CD, please support this wonderful man.  Fred is about 250 dollars away from his goal on his Go Fund me page. Check it out.


To learn the song of which we are shooting the video, please watch and learn the chorus. It is very easy! Christmas is my time of year.  That is it folks.  This will be fun!

The You Tube Video is here.


New fun being added to the Facebook page will be Monkee Mondays.  Each Monday I will be adding something to celebrate Monkee Monday.


If you are not already a friend on the facebook page, please check in at


Each day check in for new specials and announcements.

I am also excited that I have my very own Blog on now.  I am very honored and excited to be apart of that very well known Monkees site.  Thank you Brad.

Here is my new page.


If you have any suggestions or questions, you can always message me.


Have a very Happy And Healthy Thanksgiving.  Remember to enjoy your family and friends.  We have so many reasons to be thankful.  Look at all those we have met through the Monkees.

Thank you to all of you for supporting us and being the greatest and most loyal friends anyone could ever have.


Love to all of you around the world.  As always, please share all announcements with all of your friends and family.



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