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Micky Dolenz Virtual Meet and Greet Signing

May 31, 2013 by  
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IMAGE Meet and Greet Events is excited to bring you this online Personalized Autograph Experience featuring Micky Dolenz.

You don’t have to travel, adjust your busy schedule and you don’t have to attend in person or worry about your place in line.

Just pre-purchase the item(s) you want signed from the selection provided below. Fill in the personalized greeting sections for your video and for the item being signed. You will receive a video of the participants signing your pre-purchased item and deliver a personal message to you, including an overhead camera picture-in-picture of the signing. After your item has been signed, the video of your Personalized Autograph Experience will be delivered via email! You can view and share this video with family, friends and your social networks. You will receive your signed items, a flash drive with your personalized video and certificate of authenticity by mail within a week of the event.

It’s THAT easy!

There are a very limited number of experiences available and a limited number of each item. Once the set number of Personal Autograph Experiences or individual items are sold out, they will no longer be available. Place your order now, don’t miss out!

All items MUST BE PURCHASED by Sunday June 23, 2103 at 8:00 am Pacific Time. Each Item is unique and personalized. They must be purchased one at a time through the shopping cart process to ensure you receive the exact custom video greeting and autograph you ordered. Shipping and any special packaging is included in the purchase price.

More Details Click Here

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