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Michael Nesmith Update on Monkees Tour

March 7, 2016 by  
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Reported by Fred Velez

Michael Nesmith has posted this message on his Facebook page on the rumors about the 2016 Monkees tour:

Dear friends, followers and all Monkees fans everywhere;

In the scheme of things this is a tiny piece of information — but I felt I needed to post it to be clear and answer questions that are coming in.

I have no plans to be on the Monkees tour that M&P are doing this Summer.
The world turns, things change, true — but right now such an event is practically certain not to be, and definitely not on my schedule now.

The Monkees show they do is perfect for hearing Monkees music and enjoying a remembrance of those times — M&P work hard and put on a good show. I encourage you to see it.

All rumors that I will be performing with them are simply not true. I have no plans to do any shows on this tour.

yours truly

— the mouth of the horse

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