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Michael Nesmith meet passes go on sale saturday

September 18, 2013 by  
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20130401-mike-nesmith-600x-1364831975Monkees.Net Alert Newsletter

From: Michael Nesmith

Nez US Fall 2013 Tour News

Happy news! We were able to work out the various issues with the
venues and personnel on the Fall tour so that we can make Conversation
Passes available for purchase for each venue.

These are basically “meet and greets” but we like to call them
conversation passes since I like to take a little time with everyone
individually. The passes are limited to a total of 20 per show and
only 2 per person for 2 shows.

You can go to and check the information there about
price and what you can expect. These passes worked out well for the
Spring tour and I enjoyed meeting everyone.

I am happy we were able to get them worked out for the Fall tour. They
will be available to purchase beginning this this Saturday, September
21st, at 9AM Pacific Time on a first come first served basis.


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One Response to “Michael Nesmith meet passes go on sale saturday”
  1. capman says:

    Need suggestions:

    IF I am ableto get a pass on SAt. and IF I am to choose one thing to get signed should it be:

    – The monkees midsummers night 2013 tour poster sold at the shows – ( which is actually cheaper on the website now than at the shows)


    – The rare Monkees 2013 card given out at the Phil. show ( I got 6 of them)

    Both are with the hopes that I will get other parts of the poster or other cards signed by Peter and Mickey.

    What would u pick IF u get a conversation pass?

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