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Michael Nesmith Live at Rahway 4/12/2013

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Michael Nesmith Live at Rahway, 4/12/2013

by Fred Velez

Michael Nesmith took the stage the night of April 12, 2013 at the Union County PAC in Rahway, NJ to a standing ovation before he even sang one note. He cheerfully asked the audience to sit so as to start the concert proper, and he did with the only Monkees song for the evening ‘Papa Gene’s Blues’, with the audience singing along with him on the lyric ‘Cause I love you and I know you love me’. The rest of the evening was made up of songs from Nesmith extensive solo career, each song presented with a spoken scenario for a mind-movie to bring out the visual elements of the music. Favorites from the Nez catalog included ‘Propinquity’, ‘Different Drum’, ‘Some of Shelley’s Blues’, ‘Joanne’, ‘Silver Moon’, ‘Tomorrow & Me’, ‘Rio’, ‘Cruisin’ and others in the 90 minute set which were warmly and enthusiastically received by the appreciative audience.


Nesmith surrounded himself with top notch musicians to accompany him on this tour, with Boh Cooper on Keyboards, Chris Scruggs on Mandolin, Pedal Steel,and 6 string guitar, Paul Leim on Drums, and Joe Chemay on Bass. Scruggs with his Buddy Holly features really wowed the crowd with his Pedal Steel guitar playing, channeling the late Red Rhodes, and scorching electric guitar solos which Rocked the house.

Chris Scruggs and Nez

Michael Nesmith was warm and engaging, humbled by the warm response the audience gave his songs. He had a beaming smile that charmed everyone in the hall, and the love the audience had for him was felt throughout the evening. When he played he was serious and focused, but for a good part of the show, cracking a smile that showed that he was having as much fun as the audience.

One of the things that stood out for me in the concert was the audience itself. They were quiet and attentive during the performance of the songs and erupted in wild applause after the number was completed. This was not a typical Monkees crowd, though many have been in the audience of Monkees shows. While a Monkees concert audience can be loud and raucous and just want to have a fun, good time, the Nesmith crowd was quiet and respectful as Nez and the band played, paying close attention to the music and applauding in appreciation of the songs and the musicianship skills of Michael and his band.

Nesmith closed the show with a rendition of ‘Thanx For The Ride’ from his ‘Loose Salute’ album, which featured a sample of the late Red Rhodes’ Pedal Steel guitar solo pulled from the multi-tracks of the song which ended the evening on a perfect note as Nez saluted his former partner. Nesmith met with fans afterwards at the Video Ranch Meet & Greet. I’ll be seeing Nez and the band again on April 16 at Town Hall in NYC, and will have the opportunity to meet him after the show.

Seeing a legendary musician and artist like Michael Nesmith live on stage is an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Fred Velez, 2013


2 Responses to “Michael Nesmith Live at Rahway 4/12/2013”
  1. jenn328 says:

    Towel Girl heartily concurs. 🙂

  2. fred.velez says:

    Papa Nez wants it back, will trade with an Elvis scarf. 😉

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