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Michael Nesmith 03/29/2013 Portland, Ore.

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Date : 03/29/2013
City :  Portland, Ore.
Venue :  Aladdin Theater

To purchase tickets click here

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2 Responses to “Michael Nesmith 03/29/2013 Portland, Ore.”
  1. Bonim says:

    Saw the show last night. It was Magic!!! Michael rocked the house! I will never forget the show. He was personable and sincerely “awestruck” at the affection shown him by the audience. It was heartwarming to watch. Each song and intro was delightful and fun. His voice was strong and he was more relaxed and engaging than he’s been in past shows. He’s mellowing and that is a good thing for the fans. Great show.

  2. sbbasiacsb says:

    Wow, I cannot wait to see PAPA NEZ on April 7th at the Magic Bag in Ferndale Mi!

    It will be such a wonderful night!

    Also I have 2 pair of Tickets left over for the show. Some friends from out of town cannot make it. If your interested send me a msg. Or mail at sbbasiacsb @ yahoo . com These will go fast, the show is SOLD OUT!

    I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!


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