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Instant Replay -180 Gram Audiophile LIMITED Edition RED VINYL Edition!

May 20, 2012 by  
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MONKEEMANIA continues at Friday Music…..This Summer…..for the first time on 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl, a LIMITED EDITION  RED VINYL pressing of the classic 1969 Monkees album INSTANT REPLAY.

For this special event, and to enhance your listening pleasure, we will be presenting this limited edition masterpiece also in a first time a Gatefold cover!

As always, we strive to make our legendary releases from The Monkees sound and look great as we used the original Colgems tapes in the mastering of this wonderful album.

Over the years, I have often told the guys that this was always one of my favorites in their large catalog of music…. the great song selection and artistry within speaks for itself, plus I remember being a little kid and seeing it on the rack and grabbing it and The Beatles Lady Madonna single the same day!   Records like these have staying power in my memory, and probably to a lot the Monkees fans too!

When you think of folks like Neil Young playing guitar on Davy Jones’ classic You and I, Neil Sedaka producing and playing piano on The Girl I Left Behind Me, Carole King, Glen Campbell, Bones Howe, one after another collaborating with the guys, or the groundbreaking Nashville recordings of Michael Nesmith with Don’t Wait For Me, it just makes this album all that much more important of a listen.

Although he left the band after Head, Peter Tork is still found playing guitar  I Won’t Be The Same Without Her.  Plus the return of Boyce and Hart…..well….Through The Looking Glass, Tear Drop City  truly made these Micky Dolenz tracks the classic album it is today…..and of course the Davy Jones’ vocal work on the  ballad Don’t Listen To Linda……..well…it’s Davy Jones….what a great great talent he still is to all of us.

Street Date looks like early July…..

I can’t wait….I love this album.

More to come… I promise.

Joe Reagoso

Friday Music

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