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(Bill Chadwick / John Chadwick)

x x x x (drums)
x x x x (drums)
The King of Zor, he called for war x x x x
And the King of Zam, he answered x x x x
They fashioned their weapons, one upon one x x x x
Ton upon ton x x
They called for war at the rise of the x x x
sun. e e e e (bass,guitar)

Out went the call, to one and to all e e e e
That echoed and rolled like the thunder e e e e
Trumpets and drums, roar upon roar, e e e e
More upon more C D
Rolling the call of come now to A B D
war. e e e e (horns)

Throughout the night, they fashioned their might
e D G A
With right on the side of the mighty e D A B
They puzzled their minds, plan upon plan e D G A
Man upon man C D
In the dying of dawn, the Great War began. A B D
e e e e (5ths)

They met on the battlefield, banner in hand e D G A
They looked out across the vacant land e D A B
and they counted the missing, one upon one e D G A
None upon none C D
The war, it was over before it begun A B D e
Two little kings, playing a game G A C D
They gave a war, and nobody A B D
came. And nobody e e e bm
came. And nobody e e e bm
came. And nobody e e e bm
came. Nobody e e e bm
came. Nobody e e e bm
came. e x x x
x x x x

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